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If millennials have taught us anything, it’s that authentic individuality reigns supreme. Up and coming rap star Kamau Kenyatte is the full embodiment of the audacious ethos of today’s generation, transcending the popularity of fleeting trends and gimmicks . Socially bold, and artistically vibrant, Kamau’s musical DNA contains the edge and raw energy of Three 6 Mafia, and the infectious playfulness of Rae Sremmund. While his versatile delivery and unique voice are heavily influenced by the likes of trap music luminaries Future and OG Maco, Kamau’s identity as an emcee is equally informed by superstars Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and the like. The essence of Kamau’s music is undeniably the life of the party, but its occasional brutal honesty and vulnerability proves, as well, that Kamau is certainly no slouch as a lyricist. Growing up with his father in Washington, D.C., Tupac was a mainstay in the music rotation at home, inspiring an eight-year-old Kamau to start writing raps. As he grew older, Kamau developed an interest in modern arts, graphics and fashion design, which he went on to study at the Art Institute of New York. But despite his well-rounded interests, it became apparent that music is what he was meant to do. Though Kamau eventually dropped out of school to pursue music full-time, it’s his personal identity and his background in the visual arts that forge his identity as an artist today. After honing his craft as a songwriter and recording artist, clocking extended hours at studio sessions in Long Island, Kamau soon began galvanizing audiences with his unforgettably kinetic and high-energy live shows. His approach to his craft onstage is to provide his audience with more than just a performance, but a complete creative experience. This impressive showmanship coupled with his ability to make great music caught on quickly, as demonstrated by his frequent invites to perform at local music venues. But what Kamau has given the world thus far is just the beginning. What he has yet to offer is even bigger than his music. There’s no better time than now for Kamau in hip hop, and how exciting it will be to witness his journey unfold, as he sets out to transcend traditional boundaries of music and culture. Stay tuned!

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