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J Fitts, born as Joshua Fitts, is a 22 year old sensation discovered from the popular app

“Vine”. His strong range of vocal abilities is what got him noticed, along with the creative covers

he does on various amount of songs, including his most popular “Every Kiss Begins with K”

video, which generated over 200,000 views on soundcloud and even more on youtube. His

social media fan base is how he mostly gets in the ears of his audience and his marketing is

something that should be commended. Persistence is something J. Fitts does not lack and his

dedication is not being over-looked.

Born and raised in Landover, Maryland on May 6, 1993, his image and sound are two

things that almost do not match. A person from the “hood” with a rough background but a soul

that is aged and a love for music that sounds a lot like R&B. His style is a mix of hip hop and

R&B. He has been compared to artist like August Alsina but his vocal pitch is what sets him a

J Fitts personal inspiration is Erykah Badu and Tupac. He has 53,000 followers on vine

& 10.5k on Instagram full of supporters. After dropping his last in house recorded song entitled

"Pandora", he met some great producers and engineers that were willing to help him get better.

Pandora currently has 28,000 plays on soundcloud.

J Fitts want to share his story through music and continue to grow as an artist. His latest

hit “A Million Years’ [Prod. By @BruceOnTheBeat & @Marl3y336_] has 17,000 views also

played on VA’s radio 91.1 and Washington DC’s 95.5.

With the hunger, dedication, and talent, there is nothing in the way of J. Fitts progression.

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