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MEDIA PRINCE: When did you begin in the world of fitness?

I begin my lifestyle change to live a healthier and fitness focused life in 2008.

MEDIA PRINCE: What made you want to begin in fitness?

In the summer of 2008, I made a (promise) with myself to running a mile, a day,

everyday. I kept my word. Also, changing up some of my eating patterns. So no

chips/goodies, only drink water, and nothing fried. By the end of the summer that

commitment proved many results. So after seeing the results of just committing to a

healthier lifestyle for those three months it made me want to continue on with it. Like

any human being when we see the results it inspires and motivates us to do more.

MEDIA PRINCE: What inspired you to begin to help others in their fitness journey?

Along the way in my own fitness journey many people(Friends, strangers, family

members) would reach out to me for advice asking how I am sticking with the journey or

simply inquiring how they too could change their bodies which in return changes your

life. It’s a lifestyle change. You have to commit to changing your WHOLE life, or else it’ll

be a diet. Here today gone tomorrow (get it DIE-t).

MEDIA PRINCE: What is your motto?

Small decisions lead to big change.

MEDIA PRINCE: You have your own personal gym?

Presently, I do not have my own personal gym. Currently working out at the gym in my

residential building.

MEDIA PRINCE: How did your journey to SoulCycle come about?

I found SoulCycle about a year ago through a wonderful friend. She mentioned that her

and I should take a class with her friend who was the the West Hollywood

studio. My first ride was so magical I had to keep going back. Until it got to a point

where I felt the most liberated when being clipped in on the bike at SoulCycle. That’s

when I knew I had to do this for a living. I too wanted others to feel that freeness.

MEDIA PRINCE: What is Soulcycle?

SoulCycle is 45 min unique cycling experience. My classes’ area high-octane, spirit-

lifting, love and motivation infused celebration of life and the opportunity to seize your

control, your health, your dreams. Come ride!

MEDIA PRINCE: How do people join you on your fit experience?

Make a yes decision today to live a healthier lifestyle. It looks different for everyone. It

could simply be someone taking the stairs rather than the escalator. Or someone

commits to only bake his or her foods. Whatever the decisions is commit to it and

watch it push you to big change.

MEDIA PRINCE: What are ways people can get up and get active without feeling like their

body is being over worked?

One easy way to get up and active is doing an activity or workout you enjoy. If you love

doing it; it will then not feel like you are being over worked but just something that is

fun and enjoyable. If you love to dance, take a dance class, if you love boxing, take a

boxing class. We have to get back to the things we love.

MEDIA PRINCE: What advice do you give the person that wants to work out but does not

have the willpower?

You have to want better for yourself. If not, you will stay in a lazy mindset and be

unmotivated. A person who wants better for at some point makes a decision to do

better. Like I said, it all starts with a small decision that then leads to big change.

Commit today.

MEDIA PRINCE: What advice do you have for the young man that wants to follow in your


BE You. We have so much to offer the world when we simply are us and share it. That’s

how it was designed to be.

MEDIA PRINCE: How can people become your clients?

If someone is interested in coming to an upcoming class of mine they can do so at soul- or through the soulcycle app.

MEDIA PRINCE: Do you have a facebook, instagram, and website?

Facebook, Instagram, and twitter handle is @DurrellBrown

MEDIA PRINCE: What are your prices?

I’m free. However, the class price for soulcycle in DC is $20 for your first ride and then

$30 per class.

MEDIA PRINCE: What is next for Durrell Brown and his brand?

Not sure what else is to come. I am so present at the moment. Living for now. I am in

the process of writing a book that I would like to have completed by Spring/Summer


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