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Well ppl know me as Smiley Glizzy a 26 ago artist from the DC!! I been tattooing for 4 years off and on!! I like tattooing a lot but I think painting is my next step!

MEDIA PRINCE: When did you begin doing in the world of tattoos?

I began 2008 when I was incarcerated I started studying tattoo books!! And I already had the flip in the wrist with drawing! So I wanted to expand my journey with art!!

MEDIA PRINCE: What inspired you to pursue tattoos?

I got inspired from my mother coming home with a new tattoo of my name in boxing gloves!!! And dat made me want a tattoo !! I started to order urban ink magazine to study into it more!!!

MEDIA PRINCE: What elements do you look for when it comes to creating art and painting a picture to the skin?

The elements I try do is to bring the art to life with my own touch!!

MEDIA PRINCE: What is your view on the current state of art and tattoos?

My current view is dat our city is on a major come up on art and music !! A lot of ppl on a come up with they work!!

MEDIA PRINCE: What advice do you have for that little boy or girl who wants to do what you do?

The advice I will give them is don't let nobody tell them they can't do something!! Just put ur mind to ur art even if u going through hard time ! Put ur stress in your work!

MEDIA PRINCE: How do you want the people to feel after leaving your chair and your presence?

I want them to leave the chair like they leaving the Gucci store they had success shopping today!!! And I want em to have dat McDonald's smile on there face!! like I'm loving it hahaha

MEDIA PRINCE: Would you consider your tattoos as your personal form of art?

No I'm leaning more towards painting !!!

MEDIA PRINCE: Does Tattooing allow you to relieve stress?

Yea it do cause u can take ur stress out on the tattoo and bring it to life!!!

MEDIA PRINCE: What do you do in Glizzy Gang?

What do I do in Glizzy gang I'm family of Shy and three so I support my family come up!!! But I also help them with promo and etc!!!

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