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Well for starters my name is Sandra Vainqueur, I am of the Haitian decent but born and raised

in Maryland. I am better known as Amiraa Vee, which is how I brand myself; and I am a print /

commercial model. I have a style blog as well ( There I just feel compelled to

document my style, empower women, and inspire others through my creative expression as a

model. It is the Amiraa Vee Mission to implement beauty, culture, and the freedom of

expression in order to create the empowered woman. I am seeking more exposure to new ideas

and set trends that I can share and interpret for my audience.

MP: How did you begin your journey into fashion?

I was drawn to Fashion since I was a little girl and always used it as my form expression. My journey into Fashion began officially when I moved to NYC five years ago. I studied at LIM College (Laboratory Institute of Merchandising) which is a Fashion Business school. That is where I truly developed my skills, learned the ins and outs of Fashion, experienced Fashion weeks, studied abroad in Paris, interned for different Fashion houses, and had the resources accessible to me.

MP: What is Fashion in your terms?

In my terms Fashion is form of art and a platform that is utilized for self expression and diversity for all Creatives.

MP: What about fashion inspires you?

The evolution of Fashion inspires me. How it evolves, repeats itself, also how people of different cultures utilize it.

MP: What about fashion excites you?

I honestly just enjoy learning about it on the business and creative end, being around it because showrooms are my favorite place to be (aside from in front of the camera and on the runway) , and doing anything related to it for example attending Fashion shows and Fashion events. I enjoy being around people who share the same passion/interests as I do. They just understand me better than most.

MP: What is your current view on the state of fashion?

The Fashion world killed itself when they started giving away clothes to the celebrities and paying them to wear it. It lost its value and exclusivity. Also, when fashion shows happen during Fashion weeks the attention goes more to the celebrities that attend the shows verses the work of the designers that are being modeled down the runway. It is just all over the place. I blame the media.

MP: You model as well correct?

Yes I do, professionally.

MP: When did you begin modeling?

I did my first Fashion show at the age of 12. I used to always strut around the house when I was younger in my mom’s heels and I absolutely loved getting my picture taken. My mother tells me that I was a rather shy child, but always so comfortable and radiant behind the camera since a baby.

MP: Would you say modeling and fashion go hand and hand?

Absolutely, I do believe that for the most part.

MP: What is your view on modeling today?

The Fashion modeling industry needs more diversity. When I say that I mean they need to accept more women of color and more women of heights as well. Average height women with beautiful exotic features can be models too. Just because I am a chocolate girl with short hair doesn’t mean I look like the next chocolate girl with short hair. There are tons of 5’10 pale women with blonde hair, but they still are chosen for the same campaign and runways show, even though they have a similar look.

MP: Is Fashion your art?

Yes indeed it is. That is the perfect way to put it.

MP: Do you believe fashion is art?

I believe this goes hand in hand with one of the questions above.

MP: What advice do you give the little girl who wants to follow in your footsteps?

I am still figuring out my way, but my tips would be to never think your dreams are unattainable. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. The bigger and more unrealistic your dreams seem to be, the harder you work at it. It is a demanding process for sure, but if you are passionate enough about whatever it is that you want to do and give your best all the times, you will see progression. Giving up is never an option.

MP: What is next for you and your brand?

I have a Style lookbook and ebook coming out that will be sold on Amazon which I am pretty excited about. I am working a couple projects for my brand that will be revealed in 2016, and I am also looking to book plenty more campaigns. 

MP: What is the misconception about fashion in your opinion?

The Biggest misconception about Fashion is that people mistake it for having style. Also, just because someone buys all the popular designer goods doesn’t validate your knowledge on Fashion. People nowadays are mostly following what they see celebrities are doing and wearing, which isn’t setting any trends in my opinion.

MP: Where can you be found?

I can be found all most social media platforms. But mainly, I have my website:

MP:Are you social? FB? Twitter? IG?

Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube: @AmiraaVee

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