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ARTISTRY SPOTLIGHT: Janelle "Jazzy" Zenobia

Zenobia by Janelle handcrafted jewelry is all created in her Maryland “Lab”. Janelle combines her passion for jewelry and fashion to create handcrafted statement jewelry using unusual combinations of semi-precious gemstones and other accents. Janelle’s necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings are individually handcrafted using fabulous bold gemstones and other artistic findings. Each piece is custom designed and created to last for many years and is fully guaranteed.

We have customers all over the world who buy our jewelry because they love the special feel and the compliments they receive when wearing Zenobia by Janelle Jewelry and remain loyal collectors year after year!

What separates, Zenobia by Janelle Jewelry from other designers is creativity the unique and ever evolving designs. Her materials and techniques are always changing, therefore many pieces cannot be reproduced; they are truly one of a kind.

MEDIA PRINCE: How did you begin your journey into brand?

It all started in 2007, I started making jewelry and while I was wearing pieces that I created, people started inquiring about where I got them from. So a friend said that I should sell the pieces and start a business, and from there is when the brand was birthed. But before than I started making jewelry when I was 12 years old, so I’ve been creating for 20 years.

MEDIA PRINCE: What inspired you to begin your line?

I love one of a kind designs, I’m selfish when it comes to my style and I believe it is other people who feel the same way that I do. So, I create exclusive and custom designs that are only for that one person.

MEDIA PRINCE: What about fashion, art, and style excites you?

I LOVE color!! If it’s bright, it’s right! And the Bigger, the Better!

MEDIA PRINCE: What is your current view on the state of being a brand and owning a brand?

I am my brand; I am the one who creates the merchandise that people buy. There is no middle man when it comes to my product. With that I own my brand as well; I can’t be brought out for a percentage of sales…It’s all mines.

MEDIA PRINCE: What was the first item you made for your collection?

The first item I made for my collection was a hot pink and leopard print beaded necklace. I love pink and leopard print so it was only right for me to come out with two of my favorite things!

MEDIA PRINCE: How would describe your line?

One of a kind Wearable Art.

MEDIA PRINCE: What advice do you give the little girl who wants to follow in your footsteps?

The advice I would give is to stay focused and continue to believe in yourself. Only you can determine your future, and if God gave you the vision to do it, then it’s already done, all you have to do is act on it. It’s not always easy, you’ll have set backs, but you’ll always come back greater than before.

MEDIA PRINCE: What is next for your and your brand?

Creating a collection for my runway show, more magazine spreads, commercials, and more celebrity clients.

MEDIA PRINCE: What is the misconception about entrepreneurs in your opinion?

That it’s easy! Lol, the hardest job is being an entrepreneur, you have to be structured and know how to multi-task. You are the boss, so therefore you have to create the schedule, policies and procedures and many other task that a person working a 9-5 has to do, but you’re the one doing it all. I enjoy being an entrepreneur but it can be a little overbearing.

MEDIA PRINCE: Where can your line be found?

MEDIA PRINCE: Are you social? FB? Twitter? IG?

FB: Zenobia By Janelle

Twitter: ZenobiaJanelle

IG: Zenobia By Janelle

Janelle Z. Gladden

Designer | Creative Director | Owner, CEO

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