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Artist Spotlight: King Wally

Independent Artist Signed To A Independent Label Good Money Ent Also Follow Them @GoodMoneyLabel King Wally was Born In Brooklyn, New York And Raised In Atlanta & Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. An Artist Of Many Styles; R&B/Hiphop which Gained Him A Solid Fanbase & A Lot Of Heavy Support From Fans Who Go Hard For Him, Follow Him On Instgram And Twitter @KingWally252 Check Out His Latest Mixtape On Livemixtapes.Com Search (King Wally) Download And Vote Up

The Media Prince: When did you begin doing Music?

I began Recording Music At 13 Years Old, then I Took A Break For A Few Years

The Media Prince: What inspired you to pursue music?

Well I Grew Up Listening To My Older cousins They Had A Rap Group Called M-Area And 2EZ & Brass Was A Huge Influence In My City And They Was My cousins So It Was Only Right I Joined M-Area S/O Q-Kyza,Mar,2EZ,Shine,The White John,Eddie And Brass. Brass He Was The Best Rapper Hard Down He Told Me When I Get Older And My Bars Grow Up I'm Stand Out Looking At Me Now If He Wouldnt Of Said That I Would Stopped Rapping So I Thank Him For That #RipBrass We Miss You Bro

The Media Prince: What elements do you look for when it comes to creating music?

Well I Freestyle All My Music, I Smoke Some Loud, sip Some Drink And Go In The Booth And Freestyle To The Beat From My Producer And I Come Up With It As I Go

The Media Prince: What is your view on the current state of music?

Its In A Great Place We Are In A Time Where The Rappers We Listen To We Are Way Better ,We Are In A Time Where We Don't Have To Be So Lyrical As Nas & Jadakiss You Can Be A Wack Rapper With A Digital Following And Stay Win And As A Artist You Dont Need A Big Label You Can Build A Internet Presence And Put A Album Out Digitally And Sell A Good Amount Of Records And Be Rich Without A Record Deal

The Media Prince: How do you keep yourself on your toes in relation to creating somebody totally yours?

Being My Self Staying Free Of The Trolls Coming With Different Sounds And Different Looks I Try My Best To Be Different Then The Other Artist Out There

The Media Prince: What advice do you have for that little boy or girl who wants to do what you do?

Start Now On Building Your Brand And Making People Respect Your Brand And Keep Pushing Out Music And Work For It As Hard As You Be Wish And Hoping And Your Dreams Will Come True

The Media Prince: How do you want the listeners to feel after hearing your music?

I Want My Listener's To Feel Good I Want Them To Feel Like I Feel When I Made The Music If I'm High Recording It I Want Them Feelin High If I'm Feelin In Love Recording Music I Want Them To Feel In Love Too

The Media Prince: Would you consider you music as your personal form of art?

Yes Its All Me

The Media Prince: What is next for you?

Another Mixtape,Album & A Lot Of Music Video's Coming Soon

The Media Prince: Who currently inspires you in the music industry?

Weeknd,Gucci Mane,French Montana & Drake

The Media Prince: What is the biggest misconception about being an emcee?

Reliving Pass Experience Through Music Everyone Feels That We Have To Live What We Rapping About But If We Really Lived Through All The Stuff We Talk About We Really Wouldn't Wanna See That Anymore I Rap About Being In Prison But I'm Not There No More And Don't Wanna Relive That Experience Every Again Unless I Have Too A Real OG From My Set Told (Blood You Ain't Gang Banged Yet Until You Tired Of Gang Banging) And (You Ain't Never Sold Dope Until You Tired Of Selling Dope)

The Media Prince: Where can your music be found?

You Can Find My Music On Livemixtapes.Com Datpiff.Com & Audiomack.Com Search (King Wally)

The Media Prince: are you social? FB? IG? TWITTER?

Yes Twitter @KingWally252 Instagram @KingWally252 Facebook Search (King Wally) King Wally

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