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My name is Ahdiya and I’m from Conshohocken but we call is Conshy! Its a town right outside of Philly and I’ve been living here since I was in 9thgrade. Its always been me and my mom, I was raised an only child. But lets not get it twisted papa was a rolling stone so I have a host of other siblings whom I love dearly! If I’m not posing in front of the camera im working for an ophthmologist and I absolutely love being able to help save someone’s vision.

MEDIA PRINCE: What is modeling and being a model in your definition?

· A model to me is representation. So with that being said, I am very conscious of what I participate in and various projects I choose to be involved with. Ahdiya is not a “Video Vixen” so the different avenues of modeling I decide to go with represents me as an individual. I think you can be artistically sexy without flaunting your body.

MEDIA PRINCE: When did you begin modeling?

· I actually started out in acting classes at John Casablanca when I was 10, practicing voice over and commercial run throughs to prepare me for audtions in New York they would send me to from time to time. But then, a friend of my mothers asked if I could be in their fashion show and after my first taste of modeling in a fashion show at a young age I was hooked!!

MEDIA PRINCE: What inspired you to begin modeling?

· My inspiration came from being able to catch a persons eye with the clothes I have on opposed to what I am NOT wearing.

MEDIA PRINCE: What is it about modeling that captured your eye?

· What captured my eye originally was how a person put together an ensemble. When I was younger I liked how you can put random pieces together to create an amazing look. i throw pieces together all the time and it works for me!

MEDIA PRINCE: What is your view of modeling and being a model in today's society?

· Being a model in todays society is important to me because I can be a role model to some little girl out there that want to do similar things as me.

MEDIA PRINCE: Would you consider modeling to be your form of art?

· Modeling is definitely my art form. I like to tell a story through my modeling and different shoots and projects I may do. Little things such as lighting can make a huge difference in what your trying to portray.

MEDIA PRINCE: How important is it to not lose the art of modeling?

· Its very important to not lose it! If someone approaches you with ideas you don’t agree with its ok for a model to kindly decline because I don’t want to loose myself OR myself worth in this dog eat dog world.

MEDIA PRINCE: Some may not know that you are a degree holder, how important is it to have your education first before anything?

· Yes I am. I have my Bachelors in Biology so ya girl is beauty and brains! My mother always told me to get my education first. I could have easily attempted to be a childhood star but I wanted to be in school with my peers to get that experience of interacting with others. My college experience was a great one! I always did some sort of modeling in my spare time while is was in school.

MEDIA PRINCE: What advice do you give the little girl who wants to be in your footsteps?

· Just to stick with it, you will hear some No’s more then Yes’s at times but as long as you know what the end goal is continue to chase after it.

MEDIA PRINCE: What models inspire you?

· Tyra! She taught me how to “SMIZE” which is smile with your eyes! Joan Smalls and Jordan Dunn are a few of my other favorites.

MEDIA PRINCE: What is next for you?

I want to get into some brand modeling. I’ve been wearing classes since kindergarden! I figured why not find some optical shops and designer frames to model. I'm approaching companies suck as PNK Elephant and other local boutiques. I plan on attending and hopefully walking in NY Fashion week nest year and visiting LA for the first time!

MEDIA PRINCE: How can people book you?


MEDIA PRINCE: Are you social? FB? IG? Twitter?

· Facebook: Ahdiya The Model

· IG: @ahdiyathemodel

· Twitter: @ahdiya

· Snapchat: @ahdiyathemodel

· Periscope: @ahdiya

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