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Norman (Norm-T) Tate was born June 19, 1988 in Fort Worth, Texas. He grew up humbled by the amount of attention he would receive as a child. Whether it was his impressive rap skills, natural dancing ability or witty humor; family and friends were always amazed by his many talents. At the age of seven, Norm-T knew he had the heart to be an entertainer but it wasn’t until he met legendary Fort Worth rapper Tommy (Twisted Black) Burns that he began to inquire about the music industry and what it had to offer. “I never really looked at myself as a rapper until I met Twisted Black and saw the impact he had on the city; I instantly became a fan.”

While attending Prairie View A&M University in 2006, Norm-T’s cousin Quinston (Q. Smith) Smith, who was a well-known Dallas, TX producer, introduced him to Dallas, Tx rapper Dorrough Music. During many long nights in Q. Smith’s dorm room, Norm-T witnessed Dorrough write hit singles such as “Walk That Walk” and the infamous “Ice Cream Paint Job.” Now a member of Prime Time Click, Norm-T began to travel the nation with Dorrough as a “hype-man”. “We performed everywhere; from the hole in the wall clubs, to BET’s 106th & Park and BET Awards”. Norm-T was also featured in almost every Dorrough music video as the “dancing hype-man”. After a few years of touring, Norm-T wanted to be known for more than hyping the crowd. “I wanted my own identity.”

During his own path to success, Norm-T released his own mixtapes under Prime Time Click. His first two solo projects “Showcazin’ Skillz” and “Time 2 Go to Work” gained the respect of his peers as he managed to separate himself from a hype-man, to a respected rap artist. In November of 2011, Norm-T decided it was time to reinvent himself, opposite of the Dallas-Boogie sound he’d become accustomed to. So, he started an independent label called “Swang and Bang Music.” With help of business partner, Donald (DJ Swang N Bang) Edwards and artists’ Bronsha (Showtym) Brandon, Melvin (Yung Mel) Richson and Kelldrick (HellKell Kartell) Thompson, Norm-T began to recreate the Texas sound that he admired as a teenager. Studying legendary Texas record labels like “Swisha House”, Norm-T has executive produced over 20 mixtapes, singles and videos on the worldwide web.

Since his last executive produced project entitled “4our Bros” hosted by ESG of the legendary Screwed Up Click, Norman (Norm-T) Tate has produced hits like Dorrough’s “Beat Up The Block feat. Boosie.” He also has been on the road, spreading the word about Swang and Bang Music. “I try to take my SBMG family everywhere now because I remember a time when I wanted to travel and have the opportunity to meet new people.” When he’s not on the road, he’s in the studio working with Q. Smith and Digital University.

AggTown EP TrackList Below

1. By Myself

2. Cruise Control

3. I Can’t Even Lie

4. Make Love 2 This Money

5. TLC

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