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I begin doing music in 2012, and I was inspired by other rapper, like drake and meek mill, I can remember watching meek mill bday vlog and I told myself I wanna live like this, I wanna have millions of dollars and cars and girls and houses. When it comes to making my music I look for vibes 1st, it has to be a great vibe in order for me to create great music then the beat has to be amazing. Then I just put the right word play in. My view on the current state of rap is its amazing. I believe everyone that’s successful in this game has there on unic style in their own way, and that’s dope as hell. I keep myself on my toes in relation to creating something totally mines by just making music that sound good to my ears. I don’t care if someone say I sound like someone else cause I know whatever I make its me. Im 100% confident with myself I don’t need to try to be or sound like anyone else. But if it comes out and I do sound like someone else you will be able to hear my twist in it.

Other artist do inspire me and my sounds and I’m just not afraid to share this. The advice I would have for the youth is to just stay focus have a dream and go 100% all out at it, you going fail a couple times just get back up and keep going hard at it. And be organized at it, and have a plan. And you WILL SUCSEEED. I want listeners to feel however the mood of the song is when they hear my songs. I want listeners to feel happy and joyful when there hear my songs. I want them to dance when they hear my song,

I want to see smiles. I want all good vibes when my music comes on. I want listeners to cry when they hear my music, let all the pain out, I want my music to help people go through life with when its hard when its said and when its happy. I would consider my music a personal art.

I am a artist and I put my life and soul in my music. Whats next for me? 2016 the takeover, mixtapes bigger and better videos, radio hits, shows, im about to turn up, im just getting started. Everyone inspires me in the music industry, everyone has there on gift or talent that inspires me to want to become GREAT.

My music can be found on soundcloud @AN1Mell and youtube for all my dope videos type in “1Mell” my mixtape will be on spinrilla in about 2 weeks at the most. my IG @AN1Mell twitter @AN1Mell_

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