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When asked what I wanted to be when I was 6 years old, I wrote singer or model on everything. Although I always wanted to be a soloist on the big stage. I found comfort in expressing my talent in school shows and in my church choir for several years. In 2012, I spontaneously released a song titled Paranoid. Paranoid quickly spread through the city of Pittsburgh, even being featured on Wamo100 , Pittsburgh's #1 radio station for R&B and Hip Hop. The amount of attention I received inspired me to make more music. It was then that I began my career as a Urban Soul artist. Paranoid become the single off of my first EP , Stripped and Unscripted. Although the passing of my brother, Steven Lee , in March 2013, caused a hold on my music career, singing was all Steven wanted me to do. I want the world to know who Steven "Brub" was. In his honor, the brand E.F.B, (Everything for Brub) was formed. It's a label for myself , Latia , and Ron Car whom are also artist from Pittsburgh, Pa. The brand will soon be expanded in a "victims of violence" organization as well. As I work on my latest project which I talk about mt life after the passing of my brother, this project will show where I stand in life personally and musically.

TMP: When did you begin doing Music?

I was originally in a girl group (Sincere) during my teens years. I made the decision to go solo in 2012.

TMP: What inspired you to pursue music?

Growing up in a family full of entertainers and choir members, I feel like it was destined to be. After the passing of my older brother, motivates me to keep going.

TMP: What elements do you look for when it comes to creating music?

I can only create music from raw emotions. When I’m not feeling anything it is so hard to create. Usually when something has just happened, I write in that moment so when I'm done I know it’s exactly how I felt. Music is my outlet. I turn everything into a song. lol

TMP: What is your view on the current state of music?

I really wish the 90s era of music can make a comeback. I miss feeling something when I listen to today's R&B. Not to get all political, but Urban Music has become a foundation for pop artist. As much as I support Adele and think she is phenomenal, Jasmine Sullivan equally deserves the praise, but she doesn’t get the credit. I would love for her and other urban artist to headline their own tour. It seems like it’s just about sales and not talent nowadays.

TMP: When did you know like dang, I can sing?

In middle school I was selected to sing a solo at our eighth grade promotion,back then I thought it was because I was the only one to sing the proper notes. Lol based off of the reaction I got after performing I was like hmm, I got something.

TMP: How do you want the listeners to feel after hearing your music?

My style is versatile. I just want my listeners to feel relieved want them to find comfort in my music so they can overcome certain situations in their life and understand that they aren't alone.

TMP: What advice do you have for that little boy or girl who wants to do what you do?

I can only tell them what I tell myself. On this journey people will doubt you, you have to understand what’s for you isn’t for nobody else. Its okay to get advice, but let your final decision be your first idea. Nobody will believe in you more than you do yourself.

TMP: Would you say that you are a musical vessel for people to connect through?

Yes. I like to believe so. Its a beautiful feeling when my listeners tell me why they like a certain song. I feel like I’ve fulfilled my purpose.

TMP: Would you consider your music as your personal form of art?

Indeed. I write from personal experiences, I use my music to say whats on my mind. I just fell like its much more safer than venting on Facebook lol Also my videos allow me express my style and ideas.

TMP: What is next for you?

I am in the process of releasing my second EP “Imprint” which should release this winter.

TMP: Who currently inspires you in the music industry?

I am really inspired by J Cole. I admire his character. My mission isn't to be the next big deal, it to help the world through music. Cole does that for me. I love that fame hasn't overpower his mission. I don't know him personally, but I like to think it doesn't get any better than what he has already shown his fans.

TMP: What is the biggest misconception about being an artist?

I can’t speak for anyone else, but my biggest misconception is that I’m to “shy”, but I’m really not I react on the energy surrounding me.

TMP: Where can your music be found?

All my music can be found on using the link also on My teams app (E.F.B.) which can be downloaded in the app store for iPhone users and Google play for android users

TMP: are you social? FB? IG? TWITTER?

FB’ Latasha Marie

IG-@ _latashamarie

TW- @latashamlee

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