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Artist Spotlight: Khalaezzy Game

“Khalaezzy Game” is an independent rap group based in the DMV specifically Prince Georges County, Maryland. The artists of this DMV native group: Chuku100 & TopShottaFi both make unique blends on group tracks while showing off their lyricism, originality as well as individuality on solo tracks. Khalaezzy Game has recently dropped their latest mixtape titled: “K.G.H.B. Season 1” featuring all the members of the group as well as a list of other notable guest appearances including their Maryland peer Jay IDK, and D.C native Lightshow. Both artists are currently working on their up and coming debut mixtapes titled: "Happy Belated" from TopShottaFi which is being released on January 30th 2016 and "Guilty" from Chuku100 slated to drop soon after in 2016. Khalaezzy Game as a whole is definitely a set to pay attention to in the near future and with songs like "F.S.B" ",Rounds”, and catchy tunes like "For da low" at their disposal its best to keep your eyes and ears open!

K.G.H.B Season1 Mixtape:




Instagram: @Chuku100 , @TopShottaFi , & @KhalaezzyGame

Twitter: @Khalaezzygame @Chuku100 @TopShottaFi

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