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STYME............ Headlining The Fillmore 1.16.16 ----- THE REVIEW

This past Saturday DC Elite artist and rising superstar Styme headlined, yes HEADLINED The Fillmore. Where do I begin with, first off the excitement backstage was monumental, you could feel the energy and the love that was being given to Styme in forth of his performance. While his dope Manager Angela Powell (AP) cleaned the room and handled the business affairs around the Fillmore, I was able to watch and capture Styme's essence and how he gets ready for a show.

Styme exercised his voice, continued moving to give himself pace and of course turn up, why not right he is headlining the Fillmore people. Styme while being the headliner of the night made it his mission to make sure to go out and show support to every artist that performed that night. In that moment you get a glimpse of his humbleness and show of support of everyone.

We finally get to the moments leading up to the show, we are mixing on the Mac, AP is going over his wardrobe, Styme is getting ready to be dressed, everyone is coming back in the room, and just when you think everything will go crazy from there, Styme and AP reel everyone in and we pray and give thanks to the one who made it all happen.

From there its showtime......the crowd is screaming, the band is bumping, what more could you ask for. Styme was at his best that night, he jumped off stage, got with the crowd, and allowed the crowd to connect with his performance. The show went on without a hitch with Styme spitting the fire and Dj Miles cranking the beats, it was a matchmade in heaven. Styme rocked out and there you could see exactly why Styme will one day be a global superstar.


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