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Featured Spotlight: De-U.c.e. Double aka Mr. 40. Watt

De-U.c.e. Double, E-One, MLG, & their producer DJ Zo formed the group The F.A.M. in 1999 through De-U Records. Ever since he' been selling CD's, doing production, engineering, rapping, songwriting, live performences, etc.. De-U.c.e. is one of the original creators, actors, engineers, producers, manufacturers, sellers, promoters, & the main voiceover artist behind the "Multiplication Hip-Hop" CD/DVD/concerts & "Edu-Basics" products. De-U Records' "Edu-Basics" series & adult music has collectively sold over 500k units combined & has been featured on media outlets such as MSNBC, NPR, Black Enterprise Magazine, Business Weekly, BET, The Washington Post, & over 150 news publications worldwide. After releasing several group EP's from 1999-2003 & receiving his certification for completing the Recording Engineering & Studio Techniques course at Omega Recording Studios School; his group The F.A.M. released their first full length LP "Rookie Of The Year" exclusively through Border Books in the year 2004. In the year 2005 he was featured on the song "Clubbin" on De-U Records' R&B artist Lemme's debut solo LP "Take The Time" produced exclusively by DJ Zo. You can also hear him featured on the tracks "Jerk", "Get It In", & "Money Don't Stop" on his group member & older cousin E-One's new FREE DOWNLOAD "No Conscience: Now Or Never Vol.2" & his debut solo mixtape "Now Or Never" as well as his "You Talk It I Walk It" EP available for sale on iTunes. As of late his newest single "Once Upon A Time" has been featured with slots on countless Mixtapes, hosted by the likes of DJ Wats from Soulja Boy's camp, & Coast 2 Coast DJ's to name a few. His single "Sexy Lady" was played on WPGC 95.5 on the D.C. Home Jams segment. His "Sexy Lady" track was also featured on DJ Heat's "The Mumbo Sauce Mixtape Vol. 3". You can also find the song featured on "Check My Global Stats Vol.7: Hosted By Slim Thug" as well as on his independent released solo debut LP entitled "40. Wattage" available for sale on iTunes, CDbaby, & Amazon. Behind the scenes he's been working on producing & filming a pilot for a new reality show called "A Day In The Life of Tray Chaney" starring his business partners the actor Tray Chaney aka the character "Poot" off of the hit HBO series "The Wire" & Oogie Leo his longtime friend as well as fellow De-U Records & Edu-Basics member. Through his connections with Oogie Leo & Tray Chaney he's also been acting in his first movie roles with "Lorenzo & Monica" and "Dead Money", projects written & directed by Frank E. Jackson Jr. for Sunjada Films. These two films are available for sale in stores worldwide & online through Amazon, Walmart, & Blockbuster.

Album Credits:

Yes all products have iTunes links, De-U Records, Inc. distributes & manufactures ALL our products ourselves through street sales, flea market, store sales, school sales, internet, & phone sales. We've had stores/kiosks in malls such as White Flint, St. Charles Mall, PG Plaza, Forestville Mall, etc. before where we trained & managed new employees to sell our products. At one point we had a distribution deal through "Border Books" for my group "The F.A.M." on our debut LP "Rookie of the Year", as well as a deal with FYE for our "Multiplication Hip-Hop" CD, but I'm not sure if those two accounts are still active.

Voice-Over Work:

- "Multiplication Hip-Hop" audio CD via De-U Records/Edu-Basics

- "It's Elementary" audio CD via De-U Records/Edu-Basics

- "Science & Geography" audio CD via De-U Records/Edu-Basics

- "Addition & Subtraction" audio CD via De-U Records/Edu-Basics

- "Multiplication Hip-Hop" DVD via De-U Records/Edu-Basics

- "It's Elementary" DVD via De-U Records/Edu-Basics

- "Addition & Subtraction" DVD via De-U Records/Edu-Basics

- "Multiplication Hip-Hop in Concert" DVD via De-U Records/Edu-Basics

- "The Edu-Pod" (50 song ipod) via De-U Records

- "The Edu-Flash" (50 song flash-drive) via De-U Records

- "L-Squad Arama" (online web series) via De-U Records

Production Work: