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Interview Spotlight: Khrome Zanotti

TMP: How would you describe yourself in three words?

KZ: Innovative Passionate & Driven.

TMP: Music, Fashion, Photography, what order would you put the three?

KZ: Fashion Photography & Music

TMP: When did you begin in music?

KZ:At the age of 9 years old in church. I came from a family of gospel musicians. My mothers a drummer and my late father was a pastor and singer.

TMP: What about music inspires you?

KZ: The ability to reach motivate and uplift people through music is what inspires me.

TMP: When did you begin in the world of fashion?

KZ: 2007 I was intrigued my the creativeness of the way in which the youth dressed in DC and became a model coordinator and stylist for a local model agency.

TMP: What is your view on fashion today?

KZ: Fashion today is 85% confidence and 15% trend. We are in an age where fashion has become a way to bridge gaps between people globally.

TMP: When did you begin in the world of photography?

KZ: I became interested in photography in 2009 as a creative director for a fashion show in my hometown Norfolk VA. I saw moments where I know had it been captured the memory could be relived. I became more intrigued with capturing moments that are incredible and unforgettable.


After being suicidal for months and suffering from depression I had a near death experience where I had to decide live or die. I chose to live. I moved to La December 20th 2013 the day that marked my fathers 10th year passing. Once in los Angeles I had no home food or job. I found a shelter and begin job searching. Everyday I would leave the shelter dressed like I was rich and catch the bus to Beverly Hills. One day I was in Barneys NY and saw one of my favorite singers. We spoke briefly about what pieces were suitable for his show. Shortly after I began as an temporary stylist and personal shopper. From there I used my creative insight and photography knowledge to become a fashion street photographer for celebrities. I quickly stood out and work extra hard. Within this time frame I now have 5 celebrity clients, published photos in Star OK! In Touch and People magazine, my photos have word on TMZ MTV NEWS WENDY WILLIAM'S AND COUNTLESS NEWS OUTLETS. My photos even made E! Networks Christina Milian Turned Up. I'm grateful and will continue to greater success.

TMP: How important is it not to limit yourself?

KZ: It's most important. Being afraid to follow your dreams is forfeiting success before achieving.

TMP: With so many talents does it ever get overwhelming?

KZ:At times yes, however being focus on excelling in everything you do work becomes easy.

TMP: What is next for your brand?

KZ: I'm having a huge art show this spring in LA

TMP: Would you consider your talents to be