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Featured Spotlight: Interview with Britt Waters (Multimedia Journalist/Executive Producer)

"Britt Waters is a top notch Multimedia Journalist here in DC, where she works as on-air talent and executive producer of The Fam in the Morning on 93.9 WKYS-FM. Along side QuickSilva and Lil Mo. She is also a TV host on The Sound on DCN, a talk show that spotlights local artists in the DC area."

TMP: How would you sum up Britt Waters in two words? BW: Blessed and Highly Favored. TMP: Would you consider your occupation to be your outlet to showcase your art? BW: Absolutely.

TMP: How would you define art? BW: Expression of one’s passion.

TMP: Being in your field does it ever become overwhelming and if so how do you continue to push forward? BW: I think every job can get overwhelming especially with late nights and early mornings. When I get tired I remember the times I prayed for the very things that make me tired. TMP: Many of us fell in love with you on The Russ Parr Morning Show, how hard was it to navigate to a whole new show with a whole new team? BW: Luckily for me the transition wasn’t bad at all. Russ Parr prepared me for success and if I ever need more advice his studio is just a few feet away. Also I was already close with Quicksilva who’s like a big brother to me and I had met Lil Mo multiple times, she even guest hosted RPMS with us before. I think my skill set is perfect to further the vision that Quick and Mo have. They not only get me excited every day, but I strive to match their work ethic. TMP: How important is it to go for what you believe in? BW: It’s more important than anything or you’ll be living in a world of “what ifs.” TMP: Like myself, you have a degree in the Arts, how important is it to get the education first so that you can succeed in your field? BW: I think education is the key to success in any field. Although I hear too often that I didn’t “need” my degree in broadcast journalism to get my job. I know for sure that without it I wouldn’t be where I am. I use specific tools I learned in school at work daily. College not only offers opportunity and education, but also life lessons that you cannot get anywhere else. I’m still paying student loans but my degree is something I’d never regret.

TMP: What excites Britt Waters? BW: Great food will get me excited for anything. LOL TMP: Who has influenced you the most in the field of media? BW: I’m mostly inspired by all those I’ve worked with and interned for they taught me the fundamentals, gave me a chance and inspired my career like Russ Parr. In media I look to Tamron Hall, Tony Harris, Lisa Ling, Wolf Blitzer, Ellen and of course Queen Oprah for influence.

TMP: How hard was it stepping into Executive Producer shoes? BW: It’s definitely more responsibility at an age I didn’t think I’d be as independent as I am now. Because of my previous experience on a syndicated show I took on the EP role confidently. Unfortunately mistakes and mishaps will happen with any transition, but I try my best to learn from every one of those. I strive every day to be great at my position and any other task that’s given to me. TMP: What advice do you have for the little girl who is watching you and wants to be where you are?

BW: Never settle, get discouraged or side tracked. If you continue to work hard at something you will succeed. TMP: What is next for Britt Waters? BW: I’m focused on making The Fam in the Morning as successful as possible. In addition to that I’m hosting a TV show called The Sound on DCN that premieres in mid-June. I’ll be re-launching my website and youtube channel as well to publicize another portion of my personal life. I’m working on a small documentary and I few other things that I’ll announce when they are complete. At the end of the day only God knows how the next chapter of my life will go and I trust him completely.

TMP: Where can people find out more about you?

BW: I’m very active on social media on twitter and instagram @ItsBrittWaters, and my Youtube channel definitely shows a more personal side of me outside of radio

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