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TMP: When did you begin playing Basketball?

EJ: I started playing basketball at the age of 4.

TMP: What about Basketball attracted you?

EJ: I started at such a young age, I found life long friends around the game and it has been good to me.

TMP: What is it about Basketball that keeps you thrilled?

EJ: I have been blessed to do this as a profession and write a couple of books it has be a platform for me to be successful in another way. I think maximizing the game beyond the court keeps me thrilled.

TMP: How do you prepare for a game?

EJ: I shower before every game and I love to eat a salad before every game. Also love listening to music

TMP: What is the biggest misconception about Basketball?

EJ: That all you have to be is tall.

TMP: What is your view on the current state of Basketball?

EJ: The game is evolving more players can do everything rather being a master at one. Also the game as far as the NBA has gotten soft.

TMP: Would you consider Basketball to be your form of art?

EJ: Yes I would, I do it for a living, I train kids with it, I still study it, also I translate basketball to life skills when mentoring my kids.

TMP: Would you say that Basketball is an outlet to get out any stress?

EJ: Of course it is, I don’t focus on life problem when on the court.

TMP: How do you keep yourself on your toes when it comes to the sport?

EJ: I train everyday 2-3 times a day. It has become a habit a routine part of my normal.

TMP: What inspires you to keep going?

EJ: I thought about stop playing after my injury, the kids I trained inspired me to go back at it. I am loving how I have to retrain my body, mind, and skills to get back to playing at a high level.

TMP: How important is it to leave your heart on the floor and give it your all in a game?

EJ: You never know for sure the next time you will get on the court leave it out there every time.

TMP: What advice do you have for the little boy who is watching and wants to follow in your footsteps?