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FEATURED SPOTLIGHT: Corr Kendricks (From Fox #1 Show Empire)

I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Corr Kendricks this past weekend. Many of fans know him from his work on the FOX hit show "Empire" where he played Black Rambo. I was able to learn more about his artistry and see how he looks at his career.

Born in Kanakee, Illinois, Corr Kendricks grew up hearing the “Feel Good” sounds of hip hop, R&B, Pop and Soul.

Using poetry as an escape from the trials and tribulations that encompassed his life, including losing his cousin suddenly, Corr Kendricks was inspired more and more to start writing his music and telling his story to the masses.

"I am a FATHER first, a man of God, then an entertainer"

His amazing talent has granted him many opportunities, such as opening for MMG rapper Meek Mills to being in alongside Multi-Platinum OVO artist Drake to performing at the legendary Apollo Theatre, to being featured in a prominent role on the #1 TV show “Empire” in the role of Black Rambo.

Corr Kendricks continues to develop his distinguished sound with a style heavily influenced by Tupac Shakur, Snoop Dogg and James Brown who have guided him musically to develop his unique artistic style.

You will hear how artist influences on his highly anticipated mixtape coming out Spring/Summer 2016.



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