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Munchy The Barber (MTB) is an award-winning, highly recommended barber based in the Washington metropolitan area. MTB began his journey of barbering at the age of 18. Combining knowledge from his dad and mentor-ship from a barber named Kerry, MTB was inspired to attend the American Beauty Academy. Specializing in unique haircuts, design, and color; MTB has elevated barbering into an art.

In 2014 MTB suffered the tragic loss of his wife, Tiffany. As his biggest fan, she constantly encouraged him to pursue his dreams as long as home received first priority. Tiffany’s words continue to inspire MTB to pursue what God has planned for him and his family.

TMP: When did you begin barbering?

MTB: Summer 2008

TMP: What made you want to begin barbering?

MTB: I got one bad hair cutting and that was it for me! One haircut changed my whole life. My father was also a barber, so I wanted to follow in his footsteps.

TMP: What is your view on the current state of barbering?

MTB: Barbers are getting more exposure now than ever via social media and other media outlets. Barbering has become more of an art than just cutting hair.

TMP: What is the biggest misconception about barbers?

MTB: The biggest misconception is that all barbers are not alike.

TMP: Would you consider barbering your form of art?

MTB: Yes, it's truly my first mode of self-expression.

TMP: People believe that barbering is an easy skill to master, would you say you agree?

MTB: It takes time to develop and develop your own technique. Barbers have to dissect the information they learned in school. The products that a barber uses are also key. I think a great barber tries to learn something new everyday. You have to know your clients, their lifestyle and what you are cutting them for.

TMP: How long did it take for you to master your skills for barbering?

MTB: It took me 7 years. However, I am always discovering new techniques and skills. I continue to go to classes and get inspiration from other barbers, young and old.

TMP: What is a barber in your terms?

MTB: A barber is a stylist/image consultant and a listening ear.

TMP: How do you want your clients to feel upon leaving your chair?

MTB: MUNCHED. MUNCHED is a term I use to describe an experience that enhances an individual's confidence and gives them the attention they deserve.

TMP: What is next for you?

MTB: I'm always keeping God first and I pray before every decision I make, because He guides my steps. I recently launched a barbering Team that will be representing the MTB Brand throughout the Washington, Dc area. In the future, I see myself moving into styling and starting my own product line. So stay tuned to the Munch Experience via my website: Munchythebarber.com

TMP: How can people become your clients?

MTB: They can send an email to Info@munchythebarber.com

TMP: Are you social?

MTB: IG:IamMunchythebarber

FB:Munchy The Barber

Website: www.munchythebarber.com

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