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"I'm 24 born and raised in DC .. I lost both my parents at a young age so I've been on my own since and realized if I wanted something I was going to go out there and get it .. At that point I felt counted out by family members and friends for some reason was only looking for me to fail and each time I just kept proving them wrong And even when at times I felt like giving up for some reason I always had all this strength and passion for something but I don not know what it was I just wanted to make something of myself .. The every day life wasn't enough for me.. I never hated and I always supported the next person and just waited my turn.."

That's how I started doing shoes I actually started off doing a pair of Timbs first with a black permanent marker lol .. Where I lived my whole neighborhood wanted a pair then it spreads to the whole 14th streets wanted a pair .. But mind you it was just a marker I was very unexperienced and just ran with that but it funny part about it , it was good I didn't know that was me actually sparking a flame and that was in the year 2013 but I stopped once the fall and winter was over and two years past and someone asked me do I still do customs Timbs I was like nah but what I should start I taught myself everything and I had enough people who trusted me even though I just started off

and was trying most of the stuff for the first time they stuck with me and I think it's because I was honest my work was still great and the prices was reasonable .. It started booming and I just wanted to learned as much as I could to where it was nothing I couldn't do and that's where I came up with Webbs Customs because they said you need a brand a name they can remember

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