I was able to attend the Speak Life Tour Gala courtesy of Serene Management. Can I say I had no idea how magnificent this event was. I will not go into full detail yet about Speak Life because I will spotlight this amazing brand in its own light very soon. But nevertheless, this event was marvelous.

The event was dedicated to showing appreciation to the amazing talents and work of those here in the city as well as nationally. The event was held at the nations most beloved Stonefish Lounge and housed many of today's leading musicians, dancers, business owners, managers, artists and renowned entrepreneurs.

The Gala provided both great food and great acts, showcasing some of the Chocolate City's most acclaimed talent.

Many recipients received awards for their great work they contributed, but the common appreciation was to that of Catherine Trotter, who is the founder of The Speak Life Tour.

"I am Very excited about the season that I'm in not because everything is perfect, but because I see what is going to come on the other side of consistency" - Catherine Trotter

I was able to see how much her hard work touched the crowded room and how much light she has given

to those who thought they could have no light. The entire night the common message I received from the event was to Speak Love, Speak Truth and to Speak Life!!!!