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Sophistaratchet sex kitten who is fluent in sarcasm, sex and smoking; She is also the host of Kush and Konvo, a sophistaratchet vlog show spotlighting entertainment, lifestyle and all things cool.

TMP: If you could describe yourself in three words, what three words would they be?

KK: There are no three words that describe me best, however if I had to try and put it into three words, I would say “Sophistaratchet Sex Kitten” lol.. it’s a merge of Sophisticated and Ratchet which I feel I am a fair balance of between the two; and I am also very in tune with my inner and outer sexiness as I tend to display often on my social media, my show and in life in general.

TMP: How did you create the brand Karman Kush?

KK: Karman Kush was created in 2008 and the name was founded on my belief of karma which is why Karman is spelled the way it is and for my love of marijuana hence the last name Kush. I am BIG on energy and karma. I feel that whatever one puts out in the atmosphere comes back, good or bad. And because of that, I try to be conscious of what I am putting out into the universe because I know that it will come back 10 fold. Karman Kush is also the alter ego for my sex kitten personality; she is carefree and exudes sexiness.

TMP: How did you get into the world of vlogging?

KK: It started in 2015. I was managing an artist in the area and began attending local artist showcases to get him some buzz. From attending those showcases I met this guy from Houston, who was staying in the area, named DJ Lokey who has an online radio show called “Trill4Life Radio”. He dug my energy and personality so he asked me to join his show as a co-host however after a few months he needed to go back to Houston due to a family emergency. So once he left, I felt a void and wanted to continue doing interviews but didn’t know how or where to start. So after some advice from the promoters of the showcase (s/o Sleep and El of Keys To The City) to start my own show, I did. And the rest has been history.

TMP: For those who do not understand how vlogging works, how would you explain it to them?

KK: I would say that it’s basically blogging in video form lol.. and if they are unaware of what blogging is, then I would tell them that they need to crawl back under the rock they’ve been living under because at this point (in the words of a DC native) “they missing it”. No basically vlogging is a way of adding visual media to the blogging world; and blogging is a form of expression, generally opinions, on a particular topic/subject written in short posts daily.

TMP: When did you begin Kush & Konvo?

KK: March 16th, 2016 is when I will say I officially started Kush and Konvo the brand. The show itself started July 16th, 2016.

TMP: In your terms, what is art to you?

KK: The rawest, most creative form of expression. It is where a person can freely be and express themselves through whatever their form of art is.

TMP: You’re a brand, a creator, a host, a Vlogger and more, does it ever get overwhelming handling all those titles?

KK: Y E S, lol.. absolutely it does. Especially with me still being super new to the game, I have yet to really master being all of those people individually as well as all at once. In the beginning I can remember being so overwhelmed that I almost threw the towel in on a couple occasions but I had some amazingly talented individuals in my corner who were familiar with my work on Trill4Life and in general that wouldn’t let me give up so thanks to them I didn’t. And because of them, here I am today on the rise in this vlogging lane.

TMP: What advice do you have for the little girl that wants to follow in your footsteps?

KK: Believe in yourself and don’t let your fear of failure or any doubters/naysayers steer you from following your dreams. I am my toughest critic and because of that I almost talked myself out of following my dream SEVERAL times. And that coupled with the people that were doubting that I could do it almost kept me from starting Kush and Konvo. So my advice to anyone who wants to follow my footsteps or the footsteps of someone in their respective lane, GO FOR IT. Nothing beats a failure but a try and nothing comes to a sleeper but a dream. You will never know what you’re capable of unless you take that leap of faith.

TMP: What is next for you?

KK: Man so much. Of course continuing Kush and Konvo. I would love to start a podcast (which I am looking into) or possibly a radio show. I am considering penning a novel and I would love to do some acting. This is only the beginning of Karman Kush “the brand” and you will be seeing a lot of me so be on the lookout.

TMP: How can people connect with you?

KK: I am super approachable so anyone can feel free to speak/converse if they see me in person. Otherwise they can contact me through all social media outlets (IG, Snap, Twitter, FB) or email.

TMP: How can people be guests on your show?

KK: Contact the show producer/my manager Touchy Ali (@touchyali) on all social media sites or email and all information concerning how to appear on the show will be sent.

TMP: Are you social? FB? IG? Twitter?

KK: Yes I am on all those platforms

IG: @karmankush / @kushandkonvo

FB: Karman SoKunty Kush /Kush and Konvo

Twitter: @KarmanKush / @KushandKonvo

Snap: @karmankush / @kushandkonvo

Email: /

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