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BRAND SPOTLIGHT: Catherine Trotter (Speak Life Tour)

TMP: What is Speak Life in your definition?

CT: Speak Life is breaking through the barriers in society using art as a tool to revitalize communities through poetry, song, dance and visual art. Speak Life is tapping into the core of an issue and breathing life back into it.

TMP: Did you ever think Catherine Trotter would become such a major brand and staple for the city?

CT: No, the heart of the founder, Catherine Trotter was to make an impact in the lives of youth in the community to create a ripple effect that would help transform communities.

TMP: How did you create Speak Life Tour?

CT: In 2013 youth that were in the NB Youth Academy had expressed an interest in the arts and wanted to have an Open Mic Night because at that time there were no open mic for teens in Baltimore City under the age of 18. So in 2013 we hosted 5 Open Mic Mixers but always with the theme of “Speak Life”. Teens all around Baltimore City attended the open mics. The Speak Life Tour grew out of a void that was in the community and SLT filled the need. On January 9th, 2014 was the official date of the birth of the Speak Life Tour at the Terra Café in Baltimore MD. In 2014 we conducted showcases in the DMV area and the following years added the following tour states: New York, Philadelphia, Charlotte NC, Atlanta GA, Jacksonville FL. At the conclusion of every tour year we have our annual gala recognizing the artists and youth civic leaders in the community.

TMP: What would you say is your inspiration?

CT: The youth in the community and youth on the tour that decide to be the change agent in their community and not be the same like everyone else. The engine behind the Speak Life Tour is “youth speaking life to other youth”.

TMP: Your hold many titles and businesses does it ever become overwhelming?

CT: Every November and December I take those months as my planning months for the upcoming year and I am take time off to rejuvenate. I balance my calendar in such of a way that each business complement each other so that my schedule does not get to overwhelming. I take mental breaks monthly and quarterly to recharge, focus and maintain my center.

TMP: Tell us more about NB Youth Academy and what it is?

CT: NB Youth Academy is a youth development organization that derived out of our umbrella organization, House of New Beginnings, Inc. founded in 2002. NB Youth Academy provided wraparound youth development services in entrepreneurship, career coaching, financial literacy and mentorship.

TMP: When did you know that your purpose was to motivate and teach?

CT: When I was a teenager I was always organizing events and speaking at a young age and I knew that I was meant to motivate the masses to help bring about change into the community by helping to awaken other people dreams.

TMP: You have touched so many lives and have helped so many people on their journey to their purpose, how do you make sure that does not take you away from your journey?

CT: My personal journey is tied to inspiring and motivating others to action. I also, schedule my calendar year based on quarters to help me monitor bench marks goals to achieve in my personal and professional life.

TMP: You are an author as well, how did you get into the field of writing?

CT: I launched my coaching business in 2007 assisting start up charitable organizations and there were 8 common questions that were consistent with helping a new organization to develop a stable entity. I crafted my first book as a how to training book with a lesson plan that will assist any organization to develop a strategic model. My first book was written out of a need to helping start up organizational leaders to fill the gap and to help them cut down on their learning curve when establishing their program.

TMP: How did SLT Entertainment Music Group come to be?

CT: SLT Entertainment Music Group launched after the 3rd year of the tour when we launched our first project “Hit the Streets” Mix Tape a compilation of poets, singers and rappers that was released on 10/29/16.

TMP: What are three things you like to speak into existence every day?

CT: Clarity of mind, stay humble, and release anything from the day before that does not contribute to positive growth for the new day.

TMP: People see you now and all your great accomplishments, but people do not see the fight and all the tremendous stress and time it takes to do what you do, how do you keep yourself sane and together?

CT: By taking monthly, quarterly and November/December as break time to re-evaluate and renew my mind for forward movement.

TMP: What is next for you?

CT: Personally, I will be releasing my second book in 2017 entitled “Metamorphosis Shadow”

TMP: Are there any new fields that you want to get into?

CT: In 2017 the Speak Life Tour will be launching our “Hit the Streets” TV show that will be tapped in multiple states.

TMP: Where can people find your book?

CT: “Community Engagement from Concept 2 Implementation, 8 Steps to Unlocking Your Creative Ideas”


My Website:

TMP: Where can people find out more about NB Youth Academy?

CT: Website: – Facebook – Twitter – Instagram are all the same @nbyouthacademy

TMP: How can people find out more about Speak Life Tour?

CT: – Social media links are in the body of the email.

TMP: Are you social? FB? Twitter? IG?

CT: Yes, in the body of the email are the links.

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