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EVENT REVIEW: EAT App & Website Launch

One word could describe the event last night, EPIC!!!!

The event showcased the website and app launch for the clothing brand EAT. Malik Jarret a.k.a Allhomage debuted the app last night and I must say the app is beyond beyond dope.

The event took place at Aqua located in the heart of the chocolate city. From the scenery to the balloons to the stage to the lighting, everything worked together to make the night a pure success.

"I'm honored to see my whole city support my work" -Allhomage

The EAT brand is set to be the biggest brand of 2017 here in the city. More than 75% of city are EATing which definitely showcases exactly how strong the brand is here both locally and nationally. With shout outs from Artist like MMG artist Wale, the name EAT is becoming household staple.

The event featured some of the hottest models in the city who provided kisses during the event in effort to raise money for the youth of the city.

All in all I would rate the event a 10/10 . Everything went off without a hitch and it was an Honor to capture the event from start to finish.

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