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EP REVIEW: Shawn Archer "Swag & 808's"

Ladies and Gentlemen MEET Shawn Archer. The emcee is currently making waves right now, over the last months Shawn has been picking up a very nice following as the new addition to Philly label SKE Records.

His latest effort EP "Swag & 808's" deems him as a contender in this rap game and a tough act to follow.

The EP starts off with "The Heist (Interlude)" where he shows his support of the street and the people who have had his back in this game. The overall vibe of this particular song was him getting war ready to takeover and not allowing anything to take him off his game.

Next up is "All I Want", the beat will captivate you immediately. On this very song you meet exactly who Shawn Archer is:

"Fresh to death, you already know that, grinding, no rest, you already know that" he starts off immediately letting you know what time it is.

The bangers on the EP are "Dope", "No Lames", "She Gotta" & and his nod "Philly Roc" which will have the club going crazy trying to do the Philly Roc.

The EP concludes with a surprise bonus track which is sure to make him a household name. The track entitled "I Hate These Rappers" details the frustration of seeing these emcees make it off of false lies and stories they have never lived.

Overall I would rate the EP a 9/10. The EP definitely will be one to remember and a nice taste for the listeners to vibe to until his full length project drops. In the meantime be sure to follow him below and tune in for more of his music.

And that is your MediaPrince Review and I'm OUT!!!!!!!!!

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