LADIES & GENTLEMEN MEET Sofi Green, A native of Washington DC who is currently taking over the music market, the fashion market, the jewelry market, and now we enjoy her in our homes every week as she takes over the TV market.

TMP: How would Sofi Green describe herself in two words?

SG: Particular & Ambitious

TMP: When did you begin in the world of music?

SG: At age 5. I would make all of my fathers' side of my family members during Sunday dinner, take off all of the lamp shades, shine them on me, while I gave an after dinner show. That was love!

TMP: Now you do it all, radio, tv, podcast, music, model, what would you say your first love is?

SG: Music & TV coexist in my world, as my first love.

TMP: When it comes to creating, whether its music or your event or even next video, what mood do you have to be in when it comes to creating a vision?

SG: Great question. Completely alone & quiet. And, preferably with a glass of white wine, proseco or PJ. I don't write to music. Nor do I create while sound is being played. Once I have an idea, or I know the beat; I write to my vision of what I expect it ​to ​look like.

TMP: Is it overwhelming allowing your story to played out in front of the cameras on TV and how do you keep yourself sane and focused?

SG: No. Everything is being documented these days. Reality TV & the work I did at MTV2 documents culture & my participation in it on a grander scale. That's the only difference. I chose to work hard enough to get a check for my content. I'm not one of those personalities who exposes everything. I think that's mundane & you become common. After, people know everything, why would you still be interested?! Feel me.

TMP: You rap & sing, which do you love most, and would you consider music to be your form of art?

SG: Yes. I do both. I'm an artist. I love whatever comes naturally for the specific song I'm working on. I have a smart mouth. So rapping is like me conversing, so I think that's an art. To be witty, poetic, clever & interest other people & inspire them, I think that's art. It becomes a form of great escapism for your listeners.

"I stay sane & focused by not allowing my energy to be polluted with toxic people or bs. I can't get to my goals if I'm being distracted by trivial stuff."

TMP: Tell us more about Étoile Vie|, what was the inspiration behind your jewelry?

SG: I'm an avid reader of astrology, numerology & the celestial world. I also love Star wars. My jewelry is hand crafted by a celebrity jeweler & will be mainly gold pieces. The primary line will consist of necklaces, eye masks with your zodiac sign on it and bracelets. Custom order pieces can have diamonds or diamond accented pieces.

TMP: How important is to be a mogul in this game and tackle more than one arena?

SG: I think working to be a mogul is the most important thing. Jobs are getting cut left & right. Technology is developing faster than people can blink. If you're not educated & self contained, you can be a victim of a company downsizing. If a record label, wants to get rid of you and you lack other dimensions to your artistry or you can't transition well. Your time will come to an end.

TMP: What advice do you have for the little girl who wants to walk in your footsteps?

SG: Don't let anyone or their opinions about your big dreams stop you. My parents have never truly supported me nor have any men that I chose to date besides one. I moved out & had to struggle; so don't expect anything to be given to you. However, everyday that I get to grind; I'm closer to my dreams.

TMP: As a fellow DC native, can you please tell me whose mumbo sauce is better DC or NYC?

SG: Ive never had it! Lol, I grew up with a Trinidadian parent. I've never eaten carry out food or had that sauce. My family kept a garden in DC & they generally cooked everyday!

TMP: What is next for you in 2017?

SG: First! Being on time! & also ,.Achieving balance , creating great projects, & putting myself in the best position to be ready for what I desire. I'm here to win.

​ "Minny Jackson" EP​

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