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FEATURED INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT: The Media Prince Interviews 'Craig Johnson' Owner of "Gla

TMP: When did you begin in the world of fitness?

CJ: I began training in 2007 after my high school football career.

TMP: What made you want to begin in fitness?

CJ: I used fitness for a mental and physical outlet. It helped me reduce stress, achieve my health and physical goals, and increase my confidence, which helped me to motivate others.

TMP: What inspired you to begin to help others in their fitness journey?

CJ: I wanted to help people make fitness a lifestyle and not just a short term goal.

TMP: What is your motto?

CJ: Strengthen all Weaknesses.

TMP: You have your own personal gym?

CJ: I am based in Maryland and D.C. I am in the process of establishing my own gym.

TMP: How do people join you on your fit experience?

CJ: Contact me via email at or social media.

TMP: What is your view on the current state of fitness in America today?

CJ: I want to save people from counterfeit fitness, such as false goals and false education that give people no results.

TMP: What are ways people can get up and get active without feeling like their body is being over worked?

CJ: People can start by taking it one step at a time; start out with low intensity, low impact exercises and remember, progress is a process

TMP: What advice do you give the person that wants to work out but does not have the willpower?

CJ: Everyone needs to accept that working out is a physical and mental challenge. I encourage people to find motivational resources, such as support groups, workout partners, a personal or group trainer or a fitness motivator.

TMP: What advice do you have for the young man that wants to follow in your footsteps?

CJ: Do not take no for an answer. Anything is possible through hard work and dedication. Also, follow your passion.

TMP: How can people become your clients?

CJ: Contact me via email at or social media.

TMP: Do you have a facebook, instagram, and website?

CJ: (Facebook) Wisdom Johnson, (Instagram) @Machine247_365, (Website) Under Construction.

TMP: What are your prices?

CJ: Our prices are affordable. For additional information on pricing, please contact me via email We offer a variety of budget friendly options.

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