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FEATURED INTERVIEW SPOTLIGHT: The Media Prince Interviews 'Emmaline'

TMP: When did you begin doing Music?

E: I was singing and writing kid stuff when I was a toddler but I didn't take it serious till the last 5 years. I studied music theatre just to realize I wanted to write my own songs to sing. I thought I wanted to be on Broadway for a second.

TMP: What inspired you to pursue music?

E: music inspired me. Like I know that probably sounds weird but I just never found anything better than music to do. My dad inspired me too. He was obsessed and it kinda rubbed off on me

TMP: What elements do you look for when it comes to creating music?

E: Light and shade. I love something that builds. Like there has to be a story already being told in the best if I'm writing to something that's been sent to me. I'm a sucker for strings,but I love quirky. I don't want to write to something I feel has already been done. I just like music that can give me a feeling straight off the jump.

TMP: What is your view on the current state of music?

E: It's a great time to be yourself I think. Like to me it's an awesome time. People seem to be craving new and original music more than ever to me.

TMP; How do you keep your music from sounding like others?

E: I just be myself. I think that's important.its easy to be influenced. We're all influenced by somebody you can't escape that but staying true to you is so important once you find your sound.

TMP: What advice do you have for that little boy or girl who wants to do what you do?

E: I always say follow your dreams but I guess I'd have to say to them make sure you really want it and are willing to endure the negative aspects ( hearing no like all the time,not making much money at first etc), like you have to WORK! It's a long road...

TMP: How do you want the listeners to feel after hearing your music?

E: I want them to feel how they feel and to take what they want from it. Music can mean different things to different people. Once i put it out I feel like it's not mine anymore it's everyone's. But I'm just happy if they feel

TMP: Would you consider you music as your personal form of art?

E: Yes absolutely! Music is art

TMP: What is next for you?

E:I'm finishing my ep, and about to film the first video from it called Limbo. I'm really excited to put out my first body of music. I've been putting out singles for the longest. It's time

TMP: Where can your music be found?

E: Everywhere! Fr though

TMP: are you social? FB? IG? TWITTER?

E: Yes of course. Everything is @iamemmaline incl YouTube and soundcloud. Go hit that follow button :)

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