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PUBLIC RELATIONS SPOTLIGHT: Mya Thompson (@kissedbystacks)

Mya Thompson is a 23 year old publicist born and raised in Washington, DC. She is pursuing a Public Relations degree with a minor in Spanish at Howard University. Despite juggling a full time job, parenting a 4 year old son, and a social life she still finds time to focus on her career. She first learned about Public Relations while attending Clark Atlanta University. While at Clark Atlanta she studied Fashion Design. There she decided that she wanted to pursue a more stable degree. She knew that she didn’t need a degree to be a designer. However, she also knew that she needed to learn how to build a brand, gain media coverage, and make the public love a brand. After learning what Public Relations was all about she decided that that was the career for her.

“If people see you and don’t want to be you then you aren’t doing something right.”

Mya took on her first client, recording artist Medusa in December 2015. Medusa was working on her mixtape titled Medusa. Mya reached out to Medusa explaining what she does and how she wanted to join her team. From there is when their business relationship started. Later they became great friends.

After Mya graduates from Howard her goals are to take on more clients and open a Public Relations firm. Her main focus right now is her client and friend Medusa. She is focused on making sure she gets the correct type of exposure for her career. Mya has hopes of becoming one of the top Publicist in the entertainment industry.

“There’s no time for negativity. Negativity is the devil clouding your vision.”

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