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Facia was born and raised in in the small city capital Trenton, NJ. At a very young age Facia’s mother instilled in her the importance of fashion and executing style. Throughout her high school and college career Facia creatively expressed her style through bold colors and unique patterns. Although she obtained a degree in Political Science, that did not stop her from pursuing her dreams of becoming a Fashion Stylist. Facia began her career as a Fashion Stylist in 2015. Since then, Facia’s work has been seen on runways, magazines, retail websites, music videos, and has been featured in a number of blogs. Facia is currently working her way up the industry ladder as an intern for Celebrity Fashion Stylists Erin Walsh and Erin McSherry in the big city of New York.

TMP: How did you begin your journey into fashion?

FJ: Fashion has always been a major part of my life. As a kid my mother used to dress me and my siblings up in statement pieces wherever we went. Whether it was to a wedding, cookout, or most importantly church, we were and have always been the fashion family.

TMP: What inspires you in terms of fashion?

FJ: My inspiration in fashion comes from style icons such as Rihanna, Beyonce,June Ambrose, Ty Hunter, Mel Ottenberg, and so many others!

TMP: What about fashion excites you?

FJ: Everything about fashion excites me! Being able to live, breathe, and sleep it everyday continues to fuel my passion for fashion. Watching trends evolve, and being able to express myself through the artistry sends me on a high every time

TMP: What is your current view on the state of fashion?

FJ: I think the state of fashion is going through a transition period as most things of our generation are. The everyday man and woman not only seems to be more aware of their fashion identity, but they are also becoming less afraid to express that identity. The industry is growing exponentially and there are so many opportunities for those seeking a career in fashion.

TMP: What is your fashion style?

FJ: My fashion style can be very diverse at times. It really depends on what my mood and inspiration for the day is. I can be edgy at times, and classy/chic at other times. Overall, I love to have fun with my wardrobe and I enjoy bold colors along with statement pieces.

TMP: Do you believe fashion is a form of art?

FJ: I believe style is a form of art. Being able to creatively coordinate pieces together is a talent that cannot be taught.

TMP: What advice do you give the little boy who wants to follow in your footsteps?

FJ: To the next aspiring Fashion Stylist out there I would say mentally prepare yourself and stick to it. Styling is HARD WORK. I've never worked this hard in my life. There have been a number of times I even questioned if this was really for me, but then I reminded myself that this is my calling. This is not a position that you can be half in. It is all or nothing. Starting out things will be rough learning the industry, long hours, and a lot of free work, but keeping the end goal in mind will keep you going. INTERN! Learn as much as you can, and NETWORK!

TMP: What is next for you and your brand?

FJ: Next for me is to continue grinding in NYC and build my contacts with the celebrity stylists I work with now to eventually branch out on my own.

TMP: What is the misconception about fashion in your opinion?

FJ: The misconception of fashion in my opinion is that there are limitations and rules. There are absolutely no rules in fashion. Wear what makes you feel great!

TMP: Are you social? FB? Twitter? IG?

FJ: Follow my Instagram @facia.johnson

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