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Mia J. Flemming is a 7 year old little girl with a big heart and bigger dreams.

She is DC native and is in the 2nd grade at one of the city’s prominent charter/ performing arts school.

Since the age of 3, Mia has been surrounded by the arts, often accompanying her mom, Johnaa’, at photo shoots, studio sessions, video shoots and shows. Mia began performing by joining her mom, dancing and rapping in the background, at several shows and community oriented events in 2015.

Her first solo performance was in August 2016, at a homeless event in Washington DC. She performed (along with the track) a gospel rap by Trip Lee called “Sweet Victory”. At the age of 6, Mia created and recorded her first gospel rap song, titled “I Can’t Help It!” and taped her first official video for the single.

Mia has a love for God and family. She loves math, science and music. She’s always excited to visit the recording studio and her other talents include dancing and singing. She also enjoys writing stories, drawing and painting.

Mia’s parents are very supportive and influential in her life. Mia is an artist on her family label, PumpkinSeed Entertainment, LLC. PSE is not only an entertainment company, but also a company that gives back to the community The values of faith, love, solid work ethic and philanthropy are consistently instilled in her.

Keep an eye on this 7 year old sensation…Mia is just getting started!

Her new gospel rap is called "I Can't Help It!" and is available digitally via Itunes, CD Baby, Amazon, etc.:

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