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Event Review: DCTOP20 'Road To SXSW'

Greatness only fills the room in certain capacities. Well one of those capacities was the Road To SXSW event presented by DCTOP20 held at the beloved Smith Public Trust this past Wednesday. The event itself went off without a hitch, showcasing some of the best and dopest talent the city has to offer.

Hosted By King Iven with music by the dopest DJ's ; DJ Flow, DJ Stevo, DJ Popkorn & DJ Jo'Ice all of which kept the crowd rocking while each act had the crowd steadily partying as each shared a part of their artistry on Smith Public's stage.

The Line up of the show consisted of ;

  • Flex Kartel

  • Sak

  • Maya Milan

  • D Cole The Prince

  • Lul Big Brother

  • Reggie

  • Prime

  • Ikey

  • Locke

  • Gabrielle

  • Skeem or Die

I was actually moved by the amount of talent in the room, so much great artistry from music to painting to the behind the scenes work that allowed all of this magic to happen.

This event allowed many outlets from bloggers, interviewers, videographers, photographers, etc. to network and help each brand or entity evolve all under one roof. I was able to meet great artists as well and great people who took in the essence of the feeling of being at SXSW