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EVENT REVIEW: The Blog Code "2k17 Seminar Brunch Series"

I had the pleasure of attending 'The Blog Code' "2k17 Seminar Brunch Series" last weekend, and the event itself was an eye opener. Being a blogger in this industry it is often hard trying to navigate and maintain a stable life, with that in itself this event reassured my focus and my goals and allowed me to understand what it take to be a successful blogger and a successful brand.

The Panelist consisted of;

-Baker (HNHH & Host of "For The Culture")

-Chey Parker (Media Personality & Chief editor of EGL)

-Ronke Raji (Beauty & Lifestyle Youtuber)

-Victoria Waller (Travel Blogger)

-Chardelle Moore (Fox 45 TV Personality)

with Moderators & Founders of The Blog Code Raro Lae & Kierra Wagstaff

Tressa "Azarel"

Book & Business Consultant, Book Publisher & Exec Producer of Secrets & Born In The Game , also attend and presented the crowd with every tool needed to succeed in this business.

The event captured each panelists essence and what they contribute to the world of blogging. If you are a blogger, this was one event not to miss and everyone in attendance soaked up every entity of knowledge given throughout the event.

The event in all was a pure success and a lot of tips and pointers of how to break through this business were presented, I mean what more could you ask for??????

Take a quick look at some of the excerpts from the event below;

RATING TIME.................

I rate this event a 10/10, I networked, I learned, I asked, I was amazed. This event gave every blogger the necessary tools of success and each person that left the room , left with a sense of empowerment and ready to take on this new leash on life and making their brand something great for the world.

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