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RADIO SHOW REVIEW: Baker "For The Culture"

I tuned into Baker's Radio Show last night entitled "For The Culture" and I must say this brother is on to something great with this show.

First let me introduce you to Baker who is what I call a Media Innovator, he does it all and if you havent heard about him trust me YOU WILL VERY SOON!!!

Now back to the show, the show comes on Wednesdays @ 8pm and tuning in you get a hip hop chill vibe where you can unwind as well as turn up. Last night my ears were captivated and moved by the tracks this brother selected. Every now and then I caught myself trying to refrain from singing out loud but I could not help it he played all the right Tunes.

He dedicated Recording Artist Dreezy a birthday mix which woke me up to why I fell in love with the artist even before she was signed.

He spoke on millennial topics and kept a steady flow of music to keep both intuned and entertained.

Rating for this show 10/10

Tune into "For The Culture"

every Wednesday on Dash Radio and yes you can download and listen anywhere and make sure to follow his IG 

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