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EVENT REVIEW: #ColoringIvyCity Presents "Stuck In The 90's"

This event right here was the place to be. Located at the newest attraction here in the city "Big Chef". The event took us back to the time where TLC was creeping and R.Kelly was bumping and grinding. In case you are still lost (or maybe too young) , I am talking about the 90's. An era where everything made since and the culture of all music were both understood and monumental.

I had the pleasure of being the host of the event as well and I myself had a freaking ball.

The event also featured the Debut of AllHomage (Malik Creator of Designer Brand EAT) Art Exhibition which featured some of the most unique paintings and drawings.

Another Host of the evening was Michele "FM" Henix, who currently taking over the radio outlet.

The common goal of the night was to go back to a time where everything was cool and chill.

The vibes of the night was celebration of art.

From music, to cooking, to painting, to drawing, you got your one stop shop for what I consider an Art Extravaganza.

Creator of the event and Owner of Timeless Kingdom (@TimelessMoe) shared his excitement for the love and support for those who showed up and showed face at the event.

The event was a full house and I never saw so many selfies taking in my life, It was literally a selfie takeover lol.

All in all the event was a huge success and got us all to tap in that good ol' 90's era.

I sported a acid bleached 90's sweater jean jacket, suede bucket hats, Cartier glasses, and black tee tucked into my black jeans. And anyone that can make me follow a theme must be some dope people and to say the least these talented people who brought this event together we quite dope.

Let me not forget the delicious food cooked by the one and only Chef Charisma

The hashtag for the night was #StuckInThe90s, which flooded the internet and was trending the entire night.

RATING: 10/10

*Round of Applause, great event*

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