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EVENT REVIEWS: Laces To Bows Inc. & Shoe City Presents "Cupcake Wars"

I had the pleasure of hosting this wonderful event last weekend and I must say I had a joyous occasion.

Created by newest philanthropic brand 'Laces to Bows Inc.' & Shoe City, this event catered to the culinary eye of the city and brought a light onto an artistry that is sometimes overlooked in the industry.

"I love how they brought food and the community together, I love cupcakes and I love how they brought the community out together and we just had laughs and a good time" - Community Member who attended Event

The event began at 5 pm and hosted a night of networking, eating, drinking, and showmanship. We got a glimpse into the woman behind the brand 'Laces To Bow's Justyn Iman and got a visual component of who she was and how Laces To Bows is here to tie lines together of the community.

Of course it was cupcakes wars so the event was to show who really is the best chef here in the city and who can reign supreme in the dessert field.

The Bakers competing were as followed;

  • Bryce Ariel (Cupcakes By Ariel)

  • Angel Cheeks (Cakes By Angel)

  • Kristen Pugh (Standup For Beauty)

  • Amber Ware (Bake Like A Diva

The Judges Consisted of:

  • Tony Lewis

  • Mia Wright

  • Malik "Action" Jackson

The bakers competed in three categories , 'Laces To Bows' , 'Shoe City' & 'Freestyle'

All in all the event was a huge success and brought a essence of community involvement and allowed the community to see Shoe City in a new light with getting involved with the community. The partnership between Laces To Bows & Shoe City is something that is going to set the city ablaze.

Though I hosted and was on the microphone the entire night, I was able to see how this event not only touched the community, but the bakers who showed their talent and love for what they do, and this outlet allowed for them to get shine and recognition in an industry that does not get too much shine in our city.

RATING: 10/10 , well planned, well presented, well executed & well done!!!!!!

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