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EVENT REVIEW: "THE STOKEY PROJECT Presents.... Easter Disco" (A Shoe City Experience)

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL, the festivities have arrived. And since we are on the fact of Easter, I was able to attend the "STOKEY PROJECT PRESENTS.....Easter Disco" and lets just say if I was a kid again, this was the event I would want to be at.

Held at the beloved Baltimore Studios, the facility was decked out in everything easter, and lets not forget ADIDAS made their presence known courtesy of the one and only 'SHOE CITY', a footing and clothing brand that not only styles its community, but also helps rebuild it and reshape it while giving out a helping hand.

At the event were many whose who of the DMV, including Owner of 'Laces To Bows' Justyn Iman.

"Its an honor to see a company really give back to the youth on a special day like this, I love seeing children smile"

- Justyn


The event held performances by;

-Lil Key

-Lil Skies

-Young Dylan

With Sounds by DJ Chyna Dolla

The event in itself catered to the youth and gave an outlet and an activity to do, not only for the community, but also lending a helping hand to make sure that all the youth had plans and fun on Easter, like every child should. It goes to show that both The Stokey Project & Shoe City truly care about the youth and how they celebrate this day in the true essence of a child.

Many smiles, much laughter and a bunch of new dances(many made me feel old because I have lost touch with the new dance rave). The kids had a ball , which I can tell was the goal of the day and they definitely hit the mark. I bonded with a few people there and it felt really good to be around such positivity. Its events like this one that give the youth an outlet to have fun and to be safe. And of course there was plenty of sweets, chips, candy and juice, just what every child wants lol.

All in all, the event was a great success, and so far anything with the name SHOE CITY attached to it, is sure to be an event to not forget.

RATING: 10/10, job well done to both 'The Stokey Project' & 'Shoe City'

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