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EVENT REVIEW: Laces To Bows INC. Presents...... 'The Pretty Girl With Purpose Workshop'

Laces To Bows INC. Presents...... 'The Pretty Girl With Purpose Workshop' was workshop dedicated to showcasing what the brand Laces To Bows mission stands for; EMPOWER, EVOLVE & INSPIRE the younger female generation in helping them lacing the bows to their destiny and path.

Held this Sunday, I was able to see how impactful this event was for the young ladies there who felt like their story was never meaningful. This event catered to confidence, mentorship and the encouragement towards the future of these young ladies. I saw the excitement each lady possessed as they navigated through this wonderful event.

The event allowed for great food, great laughs, great bonding and great support. I learned at this event that Laces To Bows is not only here for the priority of mentorship, but for the support and well being of each individual of the program.

Tutorials of both hair and makeup were given live in front of the audience, by both celebrity hair and makeup artists to give them all a chance at the celebrity look.

In addition to the event, Prom dresses were also given out to the young ladies as well as those outside of the event that needed dresses and had no way of getting one. It was really HEARTFELT.

"My Mission is to make every girl feel worthy, I want them to know that they matter and so does their dreams and aspirations, I never want any girl to feel without because I know how that feels and I dedicate my life to make sure these young girls are able to lace their bows'

'These dresses allowed for me to give to those that may not have and every girl deserves to have a dress and be the princess at the ball for their prom" - Justyn Iman (Founder of Laces to bows)

Many Vendors supported as you can see from the flyer, the city is behind this young ladies movement. It was an honor to come and be a fly on the wall and see the amount of empowerment this event gave to the young ladies and it was a packed house.

All in all is was a success and another notch on the belt of Laces To Bows.

RATING: 10/10 !!!!!

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