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EVENT REVIEW: Pinky Killacorn PRESENTS..... 'Pink Dream 4/20'

April 20th can be observed as a normal day in the office or a normal day at school or out and about, but to those who partake of the earth celebrate this day at the National Cannabis holiday. 4/20 is known to be the biggest cannabis celebration where many or most smoke until they cannot smoke anymore.

As a special treat for the fans and listeners of the DMV , recording Artist Pinky Killacorn created this event to help better suite the lovers of the oh so dear edibles and treats of the earth.

Many Artists performed, showcasing each of their essence. You got a great feeling of each of their vibe and you could really see that this event allowed both the artists and the party goers to be free and have a good old time.

Each performance was of quality and of a creative vibe. You got to just let go and totally get into each artist and their segment. Pinky Killacorn created this event just for the right people and it was a pure success.

Housed at the Layla Lounge, it was just the perfect venue to let loose and get buzzed beyond your mind could imagine.

The atmosphere was filled with positivity and gave you the vibes of what it would be like in the 70's aka the hippie days. Of course in celebration of the big holiday , Pinky Killacorn released the highly acclaimed new smash "No Smoke".

"The Crowd went wild when Pinky performed No Smoke, that thing right there is pure crankage" - A Party goer

RATING: 10/10 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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