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EVENT REVIEWS: EyeCStyle Presents..... 'Queen Favor Brunch'

EyeCStyle is a brand geared to reinventing the queen experience and understanding the true essence of being a queen and empowering those that are coming behind you. EyeCStyle Founder & CEO Ciara Boderick created this specific event to show appreciation and gratitude for the queens who are working and excelling in their careers and recognizing their queendom power.

"I wanted to build a brand that not only spoke for me, but for all the strong women and men who are working hard and are doing it positively, its so often hard work and positivity are overlooked and I wanted a brand that stood for complete empowerment and recognizing everyone's great efforts and talents" - CEO Ciara Boderick

The event held at the fridge on April 23rd, both men and women were welcomed to an experience that brought nothing but great vibes and great atmosphere. People talked, networked, drank, laughed and shared visions that helped empower each individual of the room. From Finance Coaching to understand Entrepreneurship the event tackled every boundary of the word SUCCESS.

"I learned a lot of tips and great ways to move and shake in my field and I was able to see so many working queens that acted as such and are winning as such" - De Scott (Owner of Sip and Spill)

All in all the event was a great success, did I mention it was a sold event, showing that the EyeCStyle brand is here to stay and is here to win. Many vendors participated and allowed more work from fellow Queens to be seen. The event in itself was completely for those in attendance and showing the crowd that this event is for their greatness and EyeCStyle is here to just help better that in any way the brand can.

RATING: 10/10

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