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EVENT REVIEW: Chit Chat Media & WMATA  PRESENTS...Youth Advisory Council Summit

I was invited by Cassandra Vaughn of Chit Chat Media Solutions to attend the WMATA 'Speak Your Peace' youth advisory council which happens monthly, in efforts of better helping and supporting the youth who all in fact ride Metro each and every day.

Hosted by Comedian and DTLR Radio Personality Ty Davis & Radio Personality who has us all saying 'Whats poppin!' Deja Perez, the two host focused on their upbringing and the realism of being youth in a city where most count you out.

Both host shared great stories,, great memories and great lessons for each individual to take with them throughout their everyday life.

I was able to see the enjoyment of each of the youth that attended the event. It spoke highly to me as I was able to see Metro in a new light as they actually cared and are willing to give back to the youth in the area.

"We want to create a safe haven for the youth to come and grow and know that we are behind them in every step of the way, it brings us joy giving back to the youth and giving them an outlet to be able to talk about things they are actually going through and we here at WMATA are that listening ear and are here to help in any way we can" - Jawauna Greene (Director of Marketing , WMATA)

The event in itself was a huge success. The event brought lessons, fun and teamwork. Catered by the lovely LEDO's pizza (omg some of the best pizza you will ever put in your mouth, check it out if your ever in the DMV area).

All in all, I will say a job well done. These events are always packed with youth and allows for WMATA to connect with the community and providing an outlet for the youth to be able to rely on WMATA as helping hand in the development of their success.

Team work makes the dream work and that is what I got out of the event.

RATING: 9/10

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