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MIXTAPE REVIEW: Im Ty "Bullshxt Nights"

Bsnights Hosted by DJ Anonymous Mixtape is "Im Ty" 2017 Release, with Production from Flawless Tracks & Vybe Beatz features from fellow Bsers TR3 & Sir Vo Bsnights is the perfect Pre-Game tape for all those who like party and bullshxt. Definitely a mixtape to give a download.

One word to describe this Mixtape, "LIT". The mixtape is infused with party anthems, turn up cranks and pure littyness. The Mixtape in itself is what you put on in preparation for the party, driving to the party, and hell this mixtape is the party all in one.

The album begins with the song entitled "Mollyz World", and if you are not stranger to the turn up, then you know that Molly is something that will definitely enhance you turn up experience.

The 9 track collection is definitely

certified to be considered a party collection of feel good vibes and pure hard litness.

The songs that crank the hardest and that are def to be radio hits are ; "Gottem" , "FOE", "Gettin Money", "My Bae", & "What You Like", did I mention its only 9 songs , 5 of them arecertified hits which mean Im Ty has something very magical on his hands.

The mixtape takes you on a ride and I can definitely it was a pleasure hearing an artist stick to a complete theme throughout the entire mixtape.

Follow him immediately and join the LIT wave, I have officially deemed him the DMV King of Litness. May you all enjoy this mixtape as much as I am and download them now.

Mixtape Singles:

Ig & twitter: Im_ty96 Facebook @imTyWhosU

RATING: 10/10

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