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PR Spotlight: Keda P (PR.ized Possession)

TMP: When did you begin in the field of PR?

KP: In 2004, I entered the long hallways of McKinley Technology HS located in NE, DC. For those not familiar with MTHS, you had to complete three essays, an interview, and choose a focus. I chose Television Broadcast, and that's where the interest started in Public Relations. After graduation, I decided to pursue my education at a small town in Ohio, where I received my degree in Mass Media & Communications from Wilberforce University. However, here it is five years later, and I decided to birth PR.ized Possession and finally living in my purpose.

TMP: What inspired you to pursue Public Relations?

KP: I've always enjoyed people and I have a voice of reason, very strategic in their thinking, creative, and a love for writing. I wanted To be able to bridge my clients with the public in influential ways that becomes more than a job, this here is a passion.Like many, I've sat on my dream for a short while. One day while on social media I tuned into Instagram Live of one of my followers in which I had been following his works for a while, In late January of this year, 2017 during a conversation as he was asking people what they do, I remember typing "I graduated with a degree in Mass Media & Communications and I'm looking to utilize it in a different capacity, and he responded "We should link up, you're going to be my PR." and that is how I became the PR Manager of King Shug. So, it's a mix of what and who inspired me.

TMP: What is your view on the current state of branding, PR, and marketing?

KP: Looking at branding, PR, and marketing from my view point , it all plays a MAJOR role in the success of organizations and individuals who are looking to gain exposure to their target audiences. Of course anyone can make a post, but it takes talent to make the post appealing , obtain the proper Press, and create marketing strategies. In my honest opinion, taking a glance at the DMV it is some great PR managers and I commend them. Of course, I still see an infinite amount of people who can benefit from us in helping to advance their business or brand to the next level.

TMP: How do you keep yourself on your toes in this field?

KP: You have to keep yourself on your toes in this field. I'm sure to stay up to date with local and world news. Familiarize myself with what's trending. I continue to keep myself educated, education is one thing that can not be taken away from you. This field is extremely busy, so I live by a planner, it is my best friend. Each month I select seminars I find to be beneficial. I also network and attend conferences , major events, and professional development trainings to help enhance my craft. Knowing that I have clients looking to benefit , I stay on my toes at all times as I owe it to them, we have success stories to create together.

TMP: What advice do you have for that little boy or girl who wants to do what you do?

KP: To the youth that's interested in PR, stay focused, get your education, exercise your voice, and utilize your creativity. Seek internship opportunities, and find a mentor.

TMP: How do you want your clients to feel after doing business with you?

KP: After doing business with me, it is no after. One goal of PR.ized Possession is to keep the client not just for individual projects , we are locked in. I want them to feel a sense of belonging to a family yet in a professional manner. Strive to make them feel that it is about them and nothing about me, I do not need to be seen , as it is about drawing attention to them and their brand. It is important that my clients feel that I have their best interest at heart, as my job is fulfilled as they look at the overall project in awe.

TMP: What do you look for in a client when it comes to creating their brand?

KP: In order for me to consider a client, they have to show dedication and be ready to put in work. I look at what makes them unique from others in their profession and expand upon that. I am Interested in those who do more than just the bare minimum and involved in things that's making a difference in their community, and they must be open to new ideas.

TMP: What is next for you?

KP: I have some great things in store , it is my plan to add some flavor to PR, and I've got some creative things coming this year within my clients and their brands. Still in the beginning stages of my business, so stay on the lookout for the website, and promo material. I'm also planning to advance in event planning and take over not just the city but the world one event at a time.

TMP: Who currently inspires you in the industry?

KP: In the industry , Taj PR of DMVPower has much respect from me, as we have collaborated on a few things, and we have some projects in the works. However, my biggest inspiration in this industry has to be Candice Nicole. You will never know it all, and it is nothing wrong with reaching out and setting up collaborations. Form Biz Besties is my motto

TMP: What is the biggest misconception about Public Relations?

KP: To me, the biggest misconception of PR is that fame will come instantaneously, and that we are advertisers. Advertising and Public Relations is in the same realm of things , but they're are two different functions. If I don't post not one thing on "my" page about one of my clients, it does not mean I haven't done my job.

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