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EVENT REVIEW: Toyota Green Initiative VIP Dinner (Powered By: Toyota)

I had the pleasure of being invited to The TOYOTA GREEN INITIATIVE VIP DINNER last Friday night courtesy of Mr. Alex Hill also known as the Humble Hill, PR Extraordinaire and I must say it was nothing short of amazing.

First off I was taken aback, seeing a room full of great looking, successful, and educated black kings and queens. I immediately felt empowered and ready to learn more from the individuals in this room.

Mia Phillips, Director, Multicultural & Brand Strategy , acting in a Business Development role for Toyota Motor Sales, USA

The event was held at the beloved Brasserie Beck located on K Street, NW. It was an evening of learning the importance of Toyota Green and the benefits that could help us all live a long, healthy and fulfilling life.

The event began with the coalition members all speaking and sharing their stories of how they came to the place they are today.

From each member you received a strong sense of commitment and wanting better for our community. I was astonished by the level of excellence showcased by each member and I made sure to take note of every entity that could help resonate in my life with understanding the great benefits of going green.

The menu catered to the theme which was going green, fresh salad, fresh food and the best french fries I have ever had in my life.

What I took away from this event was an understanding of treating your body right and supplying it with great things that can help you live a long and full life.

By the end of the night I had, even more appreciation for what Toyota is doing because growing up as a black kid in the less privileged areas, we did not have many programs and outlets like

Toyota Green. Many of the brands at the event were there to help supply us with great food and resources that can keep us not only healthy, but have us feeling great inside and out.

Overall I walked away meeting great people and learning great tactics that I can now use in my everyday life and understand I am what I put in my body and in my life and going green serves its purpose in helping me in my goal of a long lasting life.

Many great people were in the room as well; Munson Steed (CEO of the Steed Media Group), Necole Kane (XONecole , Necole Bitchie), Jawn Murray (Entertainment Journalist and Pop Culture Expert), Tracy Anderson (Vice President/Account Director at Burrell Communications), and more .

In all the event was a pure success. From the food, to the presentation, to the atmosphere, everything worked together and you got the total sense of what the Toyota Green Initiative is all about and that is to help supply better living, better knowledge, and better understanding of how to live in a green society that not only nourishes the body, but the mind as well , allowing you to be great and live great and spread the green experience on to others.

RATING: 10/10

Job well done, I am walking away with much appreciation and many new lessons and knowledge of new brands that are here to better serve us and make us great.

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