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Tre’s message to fans is that anything is possible, and they should do whatever makes them happy.

This belief is so ingrained in him, he’s incorporated it into his brand -- and his name (FYO means “f*ck your opinions”). A big fan of Uzi Vert’s sound, Yachty’s nonchalant attitude, and Peewee Longway’s classic Atlanta style, Tre is looking to put his state on the map and bring attention to local talent. Tre released The Three Album, Hosted by DJ Flow, the entire project was mixed and mastered in Tre’s home studio. The project’s creation and contents encapsulate what it means to start from the bottom without connections or resources. Three’s singles -- “Coast to Coast” and “Dab a Ranch” – have the potential to take Tre to the next level by ensuring a loyal fan base and establishing the FYO brand.

Slower Lower Entertainment (SLE) is another brand Tre’s working on for artists from Delaware to gain exposure and make their music profitable. A devout Christian, Tre also wants to introduce people to God through his personal testimony – you can make secular music and still maintain a loving relationship with the Lord.


Insta & Twitter: @FYO_TreSnapchat: @YRNTreTheDJ

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