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MIXTAPE REVIEW: Kevin B "Life Of A Dreamer"

The mixtape entitled "Life Of A Dreamer" is just that, it showcases the life of a dreamer. Recording Artist Kevin B takes us on a journey of the experiences of a dreamer making in this business.

The Mixtape begin in Intro form where we are welcomed into the dream world of Kevin B.

From there the we are introduced to "Sunday Morning", a great vibe feeling, head rocking, upbeat explosion that is sure to make you want to tap your feet and bop your head to.

From there it goes into a stream of hits, "Usher", "The Wave", "Hold Me Down", "Da Juice", "Just Might" and "Still Faded". I must say this collection is pure genius and might be the best thing I have heard this month.

Kevin B presents a complete body work that goes hard enough to compete with the big dogs. From production to his delivery to his flow, he has mastered his craft and it completely shows through this amazing body of work.

The game changers are: "Imagine", "What We Doin" featuring recording artist Phil Ade' and "Complacent Dreamer" where we tap into his versatility and understand Kevin B is something the game needs.

RATING 10/10 ..... I look forward to seeing where Kevin B goes in this game, he is one to look out for.

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