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MIXTAPE REVIEW: 2 Good LO "The Good Life"

Meet Recording Artist 2 Good Lo. The newest rap attraction from the DMV , he too is also the CEO OF SPLASH CITY ENT.

His recent mixtape "The Good Life" has the world buzzing right now. Instantly I got a southern feel when listening. It's very detailed in production and very pleasing to the ears.

The mixtape starts off with a track titled 'Cash Jewels Bank', a head rocking smash that puts you in a Shawty Lo/Juvenile mood instantly. He spits fire through the entire track and from this song alone, you get the whole vibe of the entire project.

'Thumbin Down The Benjis' is the next track and if you weren't already bopping your head to the first track, you definitely will on this track which takes you a club banging ride produced by Red Drum Beatz.

The bangers from the album that are sure to set the clubs ablaze are: 'I Wanna Know', 'Bills', 'Pesos', 'Too Good' & 'Pick U Up' which is my favorite track off the mixtape and may be that single that radio needs right now.

The mixtape in its entirety is a great effort, I jammed from start to finish. The production was great as well as the lyrics and the beats. 2 Good Lo is definitely an artist to look out for, he will definitely be making a name for himself very very soon.

RATING: 10/10, this was a job well done brothers, I really enjoyed listening to this mixtape.

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