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I had the pleasure of covering the DCWeekly Awards and I must say, JOB WELL DONE!!!

The awards was an amazing experience, filled with the most talented people from the city and country.

The awards itself is dedicated to showcasing recognition to the most talented artist that the city has to offer. From music to fashion to beauty to fitness, the list goes on.

Held at the hottest new DC attraction SAX, the mood gave old Hollywood. All the whose who of the city were in the room including winners DJ Quicksilva, Candice Nicole, Malik "Allhomage" EAT, Gym Jonez, Harley Morgan, Antoine Anderson & More.

The awards offered some of the most amazing talent as well, and if you were not there to experience this event, you truly missed something great.

It was amazing to see such greatness all in one room. The atmosphere, the food, the drinks, the service were all fantastic, which is why I now know why DCWeekly awards are such a big deal.

"This awards gives a lot of us a voice and recognition when a lot of others don't"- Ciara Brooks PR

All in all the experience and the awards were quite amazing , something that I really treasured.

Anwaa Kong of DCWeekly concluded by giving his thanks and sincerest gratitude towards everyone in attendance and you could feel the appreciation was mutual back towards him as DCWeekly has given a platform to showcase artist who may never have the chance of being showcased.

All in all , the awards was a pure success, and something I look forward to attend for years to come, great job DCWeekly.

RATING: 10/10

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