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EVENT REVIEW: Essence 'My City 4 Ways' PRESENTED BY: Ford

I had the pleasure of attending The ESSENCE 'My City 4 Ways' event presented by Ford by Alexander Hill who by now you know I have deemed him the powerful connect.

The event was a complete extravaganza filled with art, music , beauty, fashion, live bands and of course Ford cars.

Hosted by Comedian, Talk Show Host & Cafe Mocha Radio Host Loni Love and Essence Entertainment Director Cori Murray who both entertained the crowd through the entire event and gave us many great laughs , great tips and good cheer.

The event itself explored the lines of Art, of course like my site, art can be anything and you got to experience all the different facets of art all in one room. Speaking of the room, a lot of big names were in the room from Radio Personality Deja Perez to Beyonce Stylist & Fashion Guru Ty Hunter.

The event captured exactly what art is all about which is pure freedom and total creative expression. Presented by Ford , many got the chance to experience Ford from behind the wheel as well as from the passenger seat, which Ford provided test cars outside of the event to get a better feel of the Ford experience .

The ladies of course went wild once Recording Artist Ginuwine hit the stage performing his hits "In Those Jeans" and "My Pony".

All in all the event was a pure success, full of networking, creative expression, fashion and beauty tips, the list goes on.

If you missed this experience, you totally missed out and tomorrow stay tuned for I will be showcasing the visual component Shot By MLB.

RATING: 10/10

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