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EVENT REVIEW: Micheline Bowman 'Meet Me Monday'

Mondays DON'T ALWAYS HAVE TO BE A DRAG. Micheline Bowman , leading PR and media cultivator , created an event where entrepreneurs from all walks of life can come together and network on the day most people dread, MONDAYS.

The event held at the beloved Paradigm in Upper Marlboro, housed an event worth not missing. From extraordinary vendors to the delicious food, not to mention the drinks, I mean what more could you ask for on a Monday after work.

Nothing I Tell you!!

The event in itself was well though out and well planned. I, myself was able to get on the mic and talk more about my brand and the benefits of networking. It truly was a great evening filled with great energy, great vibes, and an amazing atmosphere.

Grammy Award winning Artist Raheem Devaughn graced the stage and performed all the hits and had the crowd jamming and singing along to every word.

Recording artist London Savoy also captivated the audience with her amazing pipes and to our surprise announced that she was now be managed under the PR of none under than the lady of the hour herself

Micheline Bowman.


If you missed this event, you surely missed a treat, but do not worry, there is more to come and more Mondays for everyone to meet and network.

RATING: 10/10

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